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visiting mares​

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Visiting Mare Application


The stud reserves the right to refuse any mare arriving in poor condition or deemed unfit for breeding.

Passports & Identity Documents

No mare can be accepted without a Breed Society Passport or Identity Document. DEFRA requires that this must accompany the mare to the stud.

Equine Flu and Tetanus Toxoid Certificates

No mares will be allowed on to the stud without valid, up to date Certificate. It is also recommended that mares are vaccinated against Equine Herpes Virus.

CEM Swabs

All mares must have a Current Annual Veterinary Certificate stating the mare has been swab tested and is free from infection (including Contagious Equine Metritis) and is fit for breeding prior to arrival at the stud.

EVA Blood Test

All mares must have a Veterinary Certificate stating the mare has been blood tested and free from the Equine Viral Arteritis. All of our stallions are blood tested for EVA.

EIA Blood Test

Strangles - all mares will need to be tested for Strangles

Mares at the stud will receive every possible care, attention and supervision, but no responsibility can be taken for any accident or disease.

Veterinary assistance will be called in when deemed necessary and will chargeable to the owner.

All mares are naturally covered at their owner’s risk and no responsibility can be accepted for injury, damage or loss caused through trying or serving any mare. If in the best interests of the mare and / or the stallion, GFS Sporthorse Stud reserves the right to artificially inseminate any mare. Insemination will only be performed by a qualified trained person.

Veterinary Examinations.

Mares will be treated under the supervision of our Veterinary Surgeon wherever necessary.

Mare owners agree to allow GFS Sporthorse Stud’s staff to administer treatment prescribed by a veterinary surgeon to their mare at the owners cost.  It is required that the mare owner creates an account with our Veterinary Practice, Equus Vets.

In the eventuality that the mare suffers a catastrophic accident all attempts will be made to contact the owner but GFS Sporthorses will ultimately be guided by veterinary advice with the prior permission of the mare's owner and act accordingly in the mare's best interest.

Ultrasound Scanning.

Mares may be scanned in order to determine pregnancy or oestrous condition. Scanning will be performed by our appointed veterinary surgeon and billed direct to the mares owner by our appointed veterinary practice.

Keep of Mares.

Mares will have the benefit of available grazing where possible during the day but all visiting mares are required to be stabled during their visit. We provide daily exercise on a horse walker if required and specifically allocated turnout areas during the day. 

The keep fee is inclusive ad lib hay/haylage and additional hard feed as deemed necessary. Should additional supplementation be required the owners will be required to provide this or charged accordingly.

Keep Fees

These are set at £15 per day flat fee for a dry mare and £25 per day for a mare with foal at foot. These may be raised if a mare is not removed within a reasonable period after the owner has been notified that she is ready for collection. To be paid in full prior to collection of the mare or invoiced at the end of each month, whichever falls first.  

Stud Fees

These are due at time of arrival at the stud. Visiting mares and  or foals may not be removed until all Stud Fees and Keep Fees have been paid in full. If the Stud shall give notice that a visiting mare and or foal should be removed from the stud for any reason whatsoever and the owner shall fail to do so within the date of such notice, then the stud shall be entitled to sell the visiting mare and or foal and out of the proceeds of sale defray the cost of the Stud Fees, Keep Fees and livery for the period between the giving of notice and the sale of the mare and / or foal and the owner hereby appoints the Stud its agent for the purpose of such sale.


It is requested that all mares should be sent recently attended to by the Farrier and without out hind shoes. Mares will be treated by our Farrier when deemed necessary and will be re-charged to the owner by the Farrier.

Headcollars and Tack

It is requested that your mare be sent with a well fitting head-collar, leather if possible, and any rugs should be clearly marked with the mare’s name. Whilst the stud will take every care of any equipment left with the mare it cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.


All mares will be wormed on arrival, it is required that the mare owner brings the appropriate wormer with the mare.

Covering Certificate

All certificates will be given to the owner on settlement of their account and upon confirmation that the mare is in foal.

If a mare is certified not in foal by 1st October in the covering year, the Stud Fee will be returned less 50%  on return of the covering certificate and with an accompanying veterinary certificate. As an alternative option we are also happy to offer NFFR Terms whereby the mare can be recovered free of charge the following year less keep fees.

Mare owners are welcome by appointment during normal working hours.

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