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2017 sales list​

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​Sale Terms and Conditions


We thank you for choosing to purchase a horse from GFS Sporthorses. Please read the Sale Terms and Conditions before making any purchase. If you need to clarify any of the understated points, please contact us.

25% deposit required to reserve a foal or any other horse offered for sale pending vetting. 

    . In the event a horse should fail a vetting, the deposit will be returned in full.

    . * Should the buyer choose not to follow advice and vet the horse, the vendor accepts no responsibility for                    matters arising that would have been identified by a qualified veterinarian prior to transfer of ownership.

Deposits are non-refundable .

      **  Should you fail to complete your purchase for any other reason than vetting failure, deposits are non refundable. 

Upon successful vetting the horse will be considered 'Sold'.

Full balance payments are due no later than 2 weeks after weaning, the buyer will be notified of the planned weaning date several weeks in advance, this will be when the foal is between approximately five and six months old dependent on when it is considered in the best interest of dam and foal.

In the case of an older horse, full payment is required upon successful vetting.

It will be deemed you have failed to complete the purchase if you do not make the final payment within one week of vetting. In this instance the horse will become re-available for the stud to sell and any deposit retained.

Foals can remain at the stud for two weeks following weaning free of charge, horses for ten days, after this time a charge of £10 per day per foal/horse will be applicable either by prior arrangement or in failure to collect.

We reserve the right to withdraw any foal from sale should we consider it necessary, at which time we will refund the deposit in full

* It is strongly recommended that all foals/sales horses be fully vetted and insured prior to leaving the Stud. We can arrange a vetting or offer a recommended list of independent equine veterinary practices. Alternatively we welcome any preferred practices of our clients choice.

 Failure to vet a horse will result in the waiver of any statutory rights following purchase.

**Upon payment of the deposit, we strongly recommend that insurance be taken out on the horse as to safeguard the deposit.

We regret that we are unable to offer any refund or exchange on horses that are sold. Terms of sale are as stated and any purchase is made with full understanding of the above terms.

Full details are available of any and all medication or veterinary treatment regarding any individual horse upon request.