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Updated 07/09/2020

Please do not hesitate if we list one of our special horses that you may be interested in, they often go very fast!

This list is kept current, if it does not say SOLD or RESERVED then they are still available!


GFS Eskimo Jo x Zievdent

4th June 2020

Chestnut filly - To make 16.2hh +



There is some serious jumping talent to be found in this filly's pedigree and her dam Zievident is of course the dam of the eventing 'wonderchild' GFS Moonlight Echo and GFS Rapunzel who are both in a professional eventers yard being aimed for the top end of the sport! 

This lovely looking girl is a tremendously powerfully built foal with a big trot, lovely uphill, balanced canter and a ground covering gallop.  She is bred to compete and whether it is to show jump, event or even dressage (if her exuberance and love of airs above the ground can be mastered!), she will present a very exciting prospect for anyone looking to produce a young horse with ambitions to aim high!

She has a big character and will be a lot of fun to get to know and enjoy her antics as she matures to what is going to be a very impressive horse with a lot of presence and  an abundance of potential.

GFS DragonHeart

GFS Lord of the Dance x Treloan Simply Red

 13th May 2020 

To make 16.2hh approx



This very beautiful colt has had a challenging start in life. Orphaned within  minutes of his birth, he is just such a courageous and likeable character.  He has a high percentage of blood and  would be eminently suitable for the sport of eventing.  

His dam was by Kings Composer who has sired many successful show and event horses and she was out of another of our precious broodmares Treloan Tiger Lily who is by Ameriggo Vespucci and out of a Shaab mare so the breeding for eventing promise is written in every line of his pedigree. In addition to this, it is a bloodline that guarantees offspring both incredibly attractive and highly trainable with incredible temperaments and an innate willingness to please.

His sire GFS Lord of the Dance is also of a high and desirable bloodhorse percentage carrying Russian Trakehner, Akhal Teke and TB parentage.

GFS Kalahari 

GFS Eskimo Jo x Treliver Decanter/Accondy

19th March 2020

To make 17hh approx



This really lovely looking bay colt has enormous presence and absolutely super conformation with all the obvious attributes of a real athlete.  He has a highly attractive head and moves with grace, power and purpose.

His dam is by the Grand Prix dressage stallion Treliver Decanter and out of an Elite Graded SH(GB) mare by the Saddlers Wells bred stallion Accondy.  Her dam sire is World Cup, the GP dressage stallion and sire of many top dressage horses.  

Sahara is a lighter type mare who looks very similar in type to her TB ancestry and as I believed, this breeding has benefitted from the infusion of body and power that 'Mojo' has brought to the party with his strong showjumping pedigree.  

I always try to breed as ever a horse that would be capable of any job but who would show real talent as an eventer in time. 

This colt looks to have the balance and natural elasticity of of an athlete capable of making as much as a mark in the show jumping ring as the dressage arena and clearly enough power, strength and speed to handle the biggest of cross country tracks.

Kalahari has a lot of style and a nice temperament, he will be a big, strong horse at maturity and has the credentials to be an enormously exciting prospect for an ambitious rider.

GFS Wishful Thinking

GFS Lord of the Dance x Treloan Tiger Lily

5th March 2020

Palomino filly to make 16.3 -17hh



This filly has the most fantastic temperament.  She is calm, sensible, very friendly and such a quick learner.

Tall, incredibly feminine and beautifully put together, this utterly stunning foal is going to be breathtakingly beautiful and admired wherever she goes with what will certainly be a deep golden palomino coat.  

Her dam is an exceptional mare with a superb temperament and super credentials as a dam of eventers.

By our own GFS Lord of the Dance, this filly will have speed, style, stamina and a generosity of spirit if she is true to her genetic heritage.  We love her and would be keeping her in an ideal world!

GFS Zoffany

16th April 2019

GFS Fire and Ice x Treloan Simply Red

(Kings Composer x Amerigo Vespucci/Shaab)

Buckskin Filly

To make 16.2hh (approx)



This really tall, elegant and breathtakingly beautiful yearling filly with the physicality of an out and out athlete. She has a huge active walk and a proud self carriage and presence that draws the eye. Zoffany has a really super trot, demonstrating great reach, lovely natural hock and knee action with no unnatural or exaggerated high stepping. She moves easily around the arena with paces that flow in every gait; a relaxed and balanced canter and she has the gallop of a born eventer.

This filly has a superb temperament. She is calm, willing and so eager to please, has superb stable manners and is a real people person. Zoffany is tremendously elegant and a delight to work with being easy to handle in all situations and willing to learn. I would expect her to attain a height at maturity of 16.2hh

She is by GFS Fire and Ice whose pedigree boasts the late great Rock King and Bohemond and out of a SHGB Graded Kings Composer mare, Treloan Simply Red, a daughter of our own precious Treloan Tiger Lily whose sire and Grandsire Amerigo Vespucci and Shaab compliment her paternal eventing pedigree perfectly.

I think this filly shows every indication of being a tremendous eventing prospect but could easily envisage her becoming a superb dressage prospect too! I also believe she would equally be at home as a much loved equine partner for almost any rider with her gentle attitude and generosity of spirit. She is a rare beauty and golden in both nature and in colour.

Kings Composer, her damsire is the sire of numerous Advanced eventers, Grade A showjumpers and County Show Hunters and known for his exceptional temperament and the rideability of his offspring. Treloan Simply Red is as said the daughter of our cherished Treloan Tiger Lily who has proven herself as a mare who consistently produces offspring of exceptional type and temperament and whose offspring for us are mostly in professional homes but valued for their amazing natures.

More information, photos and video can be found on the foals 2019 page and a new video will be coming soon...

GFS  Zahara 

4th April 2019

GFS Lord of the Dance x Sahara

(Treliver Decanter x Accondy/World Cup I)

Palomino Filly 


To make 16.2hh (approx)


GFS Zahara is a golden palomino yearling filly with an exceptional temperament and the type of fairy tale looks that little girls still dream of as older ladies!

This lovely youngster is destined to bring someone endless fun and immense pride as she will be admired wherever she goes. Zahara moves beautifully, demonstrating expressive paces with natural elevation and expression.  She is proving highly trainable and a delight to handle in all situations.  She is very friendly and a genuinely kind and willing young horse who really tries to please and enjoys the company of people.

This is an exquisite, compact and long legged filly who has all of the breeding to make a super eventer, all rounder or for producing in the dressage arena. She would present very nicely too in hand and in ridden classes, the one thing is certain though is that she is going to be the star of the show wherever she goes with her looks and that flashy turn of foot!

She is by GFS Lord of the Dance, a Graded cremello stallion with a rare blend of Eastern European Akhal Teke, Russian Trakehner and Thoroughbred bloodlines.

Her dam is a tall, elegant and athletic mare by the Elite Grand Prix dressage stallion Treliver Decanter. She has her sire and dams deep golden coat and beautiful head.

Her dam Ambrosia is an Elite Graded mare by the Saddlers Wells bred stallion and prolific sire of top eventing horses, Accondy. Her maternal sire is World Cup I, a Grand Prix dressage horse and sire of many top dressage offspring.

More information and photos from birth can be found on the 2019 foal page.

30th May 2020