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Sales List 2018

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Horses Currently Offered for Sale

We will be offering a number of horses available to special homes this year.  Each will be available either until sold or until we close for the winter next November. We will be adding horses either as they are  progressed to the point we feel ready to sell them and confident that we have prepared them in readiness for their new homes, we also may be tempted to part with a few of our 2018 foals although as we are foaling late this year, it may only be a few! 

As spring approaches...finally, we are currently readying those horses that we are planning to sell...tidying their wild and woolly winter look, refreshing lessons previously learned and generally ensuring that they are ready to leave us as calm, confident and in fine fettle.

Over the next week, we will be completing the details, up to date photos and video of these horses and posting them on this page. Those not under saddle will all be priced when the page is complete, however if we are offering youngsters who we plan to start under saddle or who have already been started that will be developing with training please enquire as to the price - not because they are horribly expensive, it is simply because they will be reviewed as they each progress!

There is a sub menu of the Sales Page with each available horse having an individual listing with details, photos and video.

All our horses are sensible, super natured horses, vice free and in top condition. They are well mannered, kind and friendly. These horses have been well bred with close attention to combining bloodlines of exceptional quality whilst promoting good conformation, sound limbs, wind, athleticism and fantastic kind, willing temperaments.

Our home bred horses are produced with absolute attention to detail from conception to the time they leave us, ensuring a young animal that is well handled, trusting and reared to be the best they can be. They are well balanced horses, bred with true versatility in all ridden disciplines. 

We sell our horses with both confidence and pride to discerning clients who demand absolute quality and professionalism.

Please understand that our horses are priced fairly and honestly. We do not publish inflated prices in order to haggle, we respect our clients, offering full, transparent descriptions of each horse and their suitability for both experience and purpose and request the same courtesy in return.


We have three yearlings that will be available this year. Details to follow. Their 2017 foal photos to be updated and video to be added shortly;

GFS Appassionata (buckskin filly) 

GFS Subzero (Cremello colt) 

GFS Wildfire (Buckskin colt) 

Two Year Olds

Details, photos and video to be added shortly;

GFS Spellbound 

GFS Amorino - Now has Sales sub menu page - SOLD

Three Year Olds

Photos, details and video to be added shortly;

GFS Pippi Longstocking (filly) 

Four Year Olds

Details, photos, video to be added shortly;

GFS Dream A Little Dream  SOLD

Five Year Olds

Photos, details and video to be added shortly;

GFS Xanadu 

Broodmares and Stallions

Details, photos and video to be added shortly.