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Pandora's Puppies

A page for the puppies new families &

 A work in progress...!

viewings from 16th April are possible

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On April 1st our absolutely amazing blue fawn mantle bitch Pandora gave birth to thirteen superb puppies. They are by an impressive harlequin Stud Dog who is not only an absolutely shining example of the Great Dane breed, tall, powerfully built, hugely athletic, but he is as of faultless temperament as Pandora.

We are experienced breeders who have not had a litter for a number of years, actually since breeding our beautiful Pandora. We have always prided ourselves on breeding Great Dane’s of strong, athletic conformation, superb temperament; full of fun, loyalty and intelligence as well as proven longevity. In fact we have their grandmother and great grandmother who is now thirteen here to meet. She still thinks she is a puppy!

As an exceptionally fussy breeder who only breeds a litter to continue the bloodline that I have developed and who have proven to be such an exceptional line of dogs, I firmly believe in breeding dogs of incredibly good nature, athleticism, strong conformation with well sculpted heads of great beauty. As such my choice of stud dog was critical and had to meet my exact criteria.

I will never compromise on temperament which for me is the most critical component of a wonderful pet and companion. I looked for a stud dog with solid build with strong shoulders, a good depth and breadth of chest, strong legs of good proportion and bone, with good angulation and hindquarters that were well set for supporting the breeds massive frame. A well muscled and powerful dog with huge enthusiasm for life but gentle too. I wanted a noble, refined head with tight jowls and big expressive eyes with no drooping of either!.

Each stud dog I have ever chosen to compliment my girls to date in producing my special litters have been superb examples of the breed; kind, intelligent and built for strength and speed. It is only my preference, but these things have always been important to me when making a selection.

This will be Pandora’s first and only litter, it has been carefully considered and will be exceptional. She is a really beautiful Great Dane with highly unusual colouring; a real rarity with the temperament of an angel and the biggest personality. She is also a very tall girl who is unusually large and powerful for a female Dane, she has very good physical conformation and aside from her incredible looks, she is intelligent, agile and incredibly obedient. She is a fit, healthy dog with a huge sense of loyalty and impeccable manners. Very easy to train, she is happy, sociable and is adored by all who meet her.

We have her mother and grandmother here who are both blue harlequin (her grandmother is quite the Dorian Grey of canines! She seems to get younger by the day and is probably one of the fittest, most athletic Great Danes imaginable. She too has a huge personality and is enormous fun, loving everybody and believing the world to revolve around herself at all times! Not quite as well behaved as her paragon of a daughter and granddaughter, but certainly a testament to the longevity and great health of these bloodlines)

These puppies have been bred with proven bloodlines and bred for good size that will be of harmonious proportion and strong bone. With parents of robust health, strong and athletic and who adhere to the breed standard. Their offspring will have sound, appealing natures and be reared in an experienced, educated and loving environment.

Their start in life will be idyllic and they will be hygienically housed, given the best of starts possible with a carefully planned nutritional program and their first vaccination, microchip, they will be correctly socialised and have space to play and learn as they grow. Their health will be carefully monitored from day one and they will be stringently wormed according to veterinary guidelines. They will be KC Registered.

Great Danes are hounds as well as incredibly large. They love to flop around with their humans and enjoy being lazy at times. However, these dogs do need a lot of space and room to gallop at top speed when they feel the need. In my experience Great Danes are born athletes who love nothing better than the freedom to run, interact with people, other animals and who adore their owners with generous, gentle loyalty. They have a great sense of fun and are highly sociable.

These dogs are absolutely NOT suitable for small spaces. They need room to play and grow correctly with strong muscle development.

They need fair but firm handling and to be in families who have as much love to give as they do. These are such doting, loyal animals and have a keen intelligence that requires socialisation and interaction to develop their confidence as well as stimulation. They are entirely unsuitable for homes with limited outside space, kennel living or where they would be left alone whilst their owners were at work all day. They need an active loving environment and to be very much part of the family.

I will not home any of the puppies in homes that I feel are unsuitable.

Please consider whether a Great Dane is the ideal dog for you and your lifestyle. These puppies are going to be very special without a doubt and I really want to make sure that they find perfect homes.

Photos are of Pandora, ‘Dizzy', her mother and 'Shadow' her grandmother as well as the puppies.

Email or phone only please. No texts.

Over the course of the coming weeks I will be making the addition of individual puppy 'chapters' on this page.  Each puppy will have a photo grid to document it's growth and emergence as a character through the rapid growth and development from birth to the time it is ready to leave for it's new home.  

This is for the puppy's new owner to watch it grow and to create a bond and connection before it comes home to you and your lives together commence.

Our lives have not been the same since the first wonderful Great Dane joined us and we simply could not now be without one of this loyal, loving and fun loving characters.  I hope you too will feel the same when your lives are turned upside down and enriched by this incredible breed of dog.

Harlequin Girl

Harlequin Girl -DEPOSIT TAKEN

This gorgeous girl is huge! She has just as big a personality too, she loves her food, is very brave and playful and is definitely going to be a character...

Harlequin Boy - Deposit Taken

This beautifully market Harlequin boy, is just the sweetest puppy, he is so unassuming but loves attention and is very playful.

Harlequin Boy 


This puppy has superb markings and a head almost too pretty to be a boy!  He is calm, curious and loves a good cuddle.

Merle Boy 


This super fellow is an absolute tank and has a stunning slivery merle coat and mantle pattern.  He always looks so cross but he is an absolute softy who thrives on attention, loves a fuss and is very human oriented.  He thoroughly enjoys a wander in the garden, plays well with the other puppies and is a really confident, happy character. He is going to be a big dog!

Mantle Girl


This is the sweetest puppy, she is so gentle and keen to engage.  She is a calm and playful personality and starting to develop a real sense of fun.

Mantle Girl


This stunning girl is absolutely beautifully marked and easily identifiable by the spot on the top of her head, exactly in the middle of her perfectly marked mantle patterned head.  She is a lovely solid, chunky girl with the most beautiful expression and a big, sociable and playful character.

Merle Girl - Deposit Taken

This pretty girl is very gentle and a watchful soul, she is very affectionate and keen to interact and get involved with whatever is happening.


This is a big, solid girl who faces life head on and as fast as her little legs will take her.  She loves a good snooze, usually upside down and using the other puppies as a mattress, but when she is awake and ready to play she is such fun.  Another puppy who loves a cuddle and seeks attention at all times.

Black Male


I call him Groucho as he looks so cranky with his wonderfully eccentric markings.  He is a very bug pup and is already becoming quite a weight to carry anywhere.  He is just such a loving, cuddly boy who shadows every step we take and watches us always.  He is very relaxed and just wallows with immense joy in kisses and cuddles.

Black Male


I do love this huge black male with the little white stripe on his chin and glossy black coat.  He loves to sleep on his back with all four feet in the air, stretched out and totally relaxed.  He is very engaging and asks for attention in the most polite manner, with his little paw suspended and his beseeching eyes begging for cuddles and playtime.  He is a gentle soul with a wise, intelligent expression and a calm, confident demeanour.

Black Girl


Now this is a big personality! She is determined to be the centre of attention at all times and is quite mortified if that transpires not to be the case!  She bustles about looking for fun, toys, company and food; but not necessarily in that order!  She is a pretty puppy and enormous fun.

Black Girl


I do love this gorgeous girl, she is incredible beautiful and although she seems to have  sad expression somehow, she is the most contented little girl and patiently waits for attention politely, grunting with absolute joy when curled up on our laps or in our arms.  She is confident, playful and just a delight to spend time with.

Puppies Third Week

It seems like a lifetime since the puppies took over the kitchen! We have started to become accustomed to the constant squeaks of pleasure, irritation and contentment with each having a slightly different tone and volume.  Their eyes are starting to open and with that has come a desire to explore and adventure away from the scrum of collective bodies and each puppy's individual character is starting to emerge.  They are all big personalities and possibly the most advanced and solid of any of our previous litters. Huge paws on chunky little legs that wobble under the weight of their well rounded and chunky bodies and beautiful nodding heads.

This week saw the introduction of solid food.  A rather unappetising mush of puppy milk, puppy biscuits and steak mince which was an instant hit and caused something of a commotion once news got around and a mass onslaught verging on hysteria ensued with many a puppy launching into the 'porridge' with wild abandon and squeals of ecstasy.

We have now extended the puppy accommodation to include two separate sleeping areas, one being much bigger in order that they can play and tussle over toys too.  We have a separate eating area which is also ideal for them to leave those comfortable spots  to start training them to use paper to soil on and so begin toilet training. There is nothing quite as bad as puppies forced to defecate in their sleeping areas with no demarcation, this can lead to a lifetime of bad habits and make future toilet training difficult.  The addition of toys to their play areas has also been a huge success, we have used a variety of colours, textures and shapes for them to explore and experiment playing with.

We have started the puppies worming program and I really am thrilled with how well rounded, glossy and healthy they all look.  We have been assiduous in topping the puppies up at each feed with  additional milk due to the size of the litter and in the interests of ensuring each pup receives as much as they need to maximise their early growth and development.

I will update the page next weekend with more photos and another video ....

Their Third Week

Four Weeks Old Already!

The puppies are well and truly on solids now and eating five meals a day. We are still giving them plenty of puppy formula which we used to both soak their biscuits at breakfast and also in bowls when they are given their mince and biscuits during other mealtimes.

The puppies now have a specially designed sleeping and play area to give them a lot more room to play in, eat in and a dedicated area where they are becoming very adept at using and we are encouraging toilet training. They have heated sleeping quarters which has a ramp to take them down to the larger space and this is working beautifully.

We have started our worming regime and the pups are growing incredibly fast and really beginning to start playing together, squabbling too!

This week the puppies enjoyed their first proper baths which they needed! Their first week on hard feed and now very active, they were very hard to keep looking immaculately clean! Bath time was a great success and they all seemed to enjoy it, making satisfied little grunts and splashing water everywhere.

As you can see from the photos, we have started taking them into the garden in small groups after eating to encourage toilet training and to expose them to another environment and stimuli. This they all love and it is great fun watching them as they just love the freedom and all of the new experiences, smells, sounds and textures under foot. They are also becoming very playful with us and love to throw themselves at our feet or laps for cuddles and chats.

I am delighted with their progress and growth, they are meeting all milestones with ease, starting to look like perfect little dogs and proving to have fun, relaxed and loving natures.