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LAST UPDATED 14th August 2022

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Paddy of Liosin (2011)

(Crowns Ace of Pearl x Lux Z)


Graded and Licensed with the Anglo European Studbook


Paddy has been tested and is clear of WFFS-1


An exceptionally beautiful example of a modern day sporthorse, he stands at 17.2hh.

Words cannot describe how special this stallion is.  A giant of a horse with enormous presence yet the most gentle and humble of characters.  With his blindingly iridescent coat of gold, stature, grace and powerful stature, he turns heads wherever he goes. 

Paddy has the most laid back and relaxed nature, he has impeccable manners both on the ground and under saddle.  He has almost exclusively been handled and ridden by women and is a kind, respectful character at all times with the most gentle demeanour.

A hooligan in the paddock where he loves to kick up his heels and show off to the max. He still comes to call and from the moment he is led in he understands that he has a job and behaves with absolute professionalism.

He is an incredibly kind and gentle character with a tremendous sense of responsibility and perfect manners when asked to work in any capacity. He is immensely affectionate and really enjoys human company, attention of any kind and loves to work.

To ride he has been described many times as being as close as you can get to bombproof!

I purchased Paddy in utero and have had the privilege of owning this magnificent stallion for nine precious years. Though I have done my utmost to have him produced and given every opportunity to achieve his potential over the years, I am a professional breeder with neither the time nor finances to give him the opportunities. He so deserves a chance to be in a situation where he can be the star he is under saddle, continue to be a sire of really fantastic offspring and the centre of somebody specials world.

He is an incredibly kind, generous natured character with perfect manners when asked to work in any capacity. He is very well schooled, is a straightforward, obedient and sensible ride with a huge established jump and low enough mileage that his potential has barely had opportunity to shine.

Paddy is vice free, is a dream to load and travel, comes to call and simply loves attention. He has never displayed any aggressive tendencies and has endless patience when being mane pulled, plaited, washed, with the farrier, dentist (he does not need sedating!) He is a dream to hack and will happily carry most riders carefully and with a great sense of responsibility.

He was Graded by the AES in 2016 with excellent scores including a 10 for his canter and 8's and 9's for his scope, attitude and posture/balance.

I would love to see Paddy in a home where he is appreciated for his huge capacity to bring joy. He really is a dream horse and will bring anybody who loves horses pleasure to behold. He will continue to produce superb foals with stunning looks, superb natures and be happy as long as he is loved. He loves eventing, particularly the cross country phase and is such an honest, trustworthy horse. He has evented to British Novice. and despite this interrupted season he has managed to compete a few times less than he has been balloted! A respiratory infection put pay to his last event and was immediately diagnosed following his out of character unwillingness to jump and subsequent bit of a 'car crash' round in the SJ phase at his last event. He has now fully recovered and will be out one more time at Broadway before the seasons end, hopefully fit enough to redeem himself and end the season on a happier note before 2021.

Serious enquiries only please, he will only be going to the very best of homes. A substantial price is being asked but probably not as much as it should be and the right home is paramount!

A little about Paddy's breeding

Paddy is by Crown's Ace of Pearl a stallion who has proven himself versatile and demonstrated consistent results in all three of the Olympic disciplines and a sire of really super offspring competed in numerous disciplines and renowned for the superb temperament that this lovey stallion stamps his offspring with..

Paddy's grandsire; Crown's Blue Pearl is both a showjumping International and the Danish Gold Medal winning stallion of the year 2007.

Paddy's dam sire is Olympic Lux, celebrated stallion and sire of International showjumpers. A  dual purpose sire with many successful eventing progeny, he was sired  by Lux Z, one of the most successful stallions in International showjumping. He competed at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. A winner of over a million euro, his pedigree is something of a blue chip dynasty in the world of International competition, with a litany of champions peppering every extension of the family tree!

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Paddy's education has been patient, methodical and slow, very much with a mind to his rapid growth, physical and mental maturity. This careful approach has paid off, he is a joy to handle in every situation and is always willing to do his best to please. 

He has benefitted from professional training in all aspects from day one, he has accepted each lesson with good grace, willingness and enthusiasm. Paddy's greatest joy is jumping, especially across country with the wind in his mane and room to really gallop. But we have also been delighted to discover that he is much admired for his dressage and his first two outings as a five year old saw him bring home the ribbons with a 2nd and 3rd placing!

Paddy events at BE Novice with a huge natural jump and enormous enthusiasm this is a job that he really enjoys.

His results have been inconsistent but promising.  There have been a variety of factors contributing to this.  Mainly it has been that he has had long periods of time without a rider since our move two and a half years ago.  He recommenced work, moving to with Frankie Price who has known him and ridden him since a five year old midway through the 2019 season. He was not as fit as he could have been and had a lot of bad luck with horrendous weather at the events they did attend.

Returning home at the end of the season, we were once again frustrated along with all other competitors by the Covid situation.  Another delayed start and once again Paddy was not fit having just returned from a six month break and was balloted out of most events entered.  A couple of warm up events and disaster struck! Paddy had developed a respiratory infection, only identified  following a most uncharacteristic 'car crash' of a show jumping round at West Wilts where he just did not want to perform (unsurprisingly).  This was identified straight after as we knew that something was very wrong.  Two weeks of IV antibiotics and he is now fully recovered and back preparing for his last event this season at Broadway and hopefully a chance to redeem himself!

A little history...

His first four outings in 2017 saw  him in the ribbons every time with superb scores for his dressage that earned him second and third places and a fourth for his first 90 three phase which would have been an easy first had he not had a pole down in the show jumping! His dressage was the best in his section and second overall on the day.

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Paddy competed at BE100 in 2017. His British Eventing career start was exceptionally encouraging with good dressage score and bold solid cross country phases .  His first four unaffiliated outings saw him in the ribbons every time with some fantastic dressage scores and brave, accurate runs X-country.  It was a very exciting time in his career and his professional attitude has thrilled us all.

Paddy has had rather an unproductive year in 2018 and for the first six months of 2019 in part due to our move to Devon from the Cotswolds and subsequent loss of our wonderful rider.  Paddy returned to Frankie Price in June 2019 and together they enjoyed a successful if fitful season at Novice British Eventing due to the weather and so many cancellations.  

This horse has very much had a stop/start career down to our own circumstances.  But, wherever he stops he then starts again without question or quibble and with the biggest most willing heart and attitude.  He truly is a dream horse.

In his rider, Frankie Price's words....

'I cannot stress enough how much of the ultimate gentleman this chap is, when he is not on stud duty at home he has spent little stints with me on a busy yard, in the barn stood behind his chain quite happily with youngsters bouncing off the walls around him.

I take him eventing on my own quite happily knowing everytime out he behaves like a gentleman. He travels happily with mares and geldings in a trailer or a lorry. Is in his element when in his paddock whether surrounded by other horses or not. He is the nearest horse to bombproof to hack.

As a stallion, he receives masses of interest but has only been used for live cover. He stamps his stock with his most mellow straightforward temperament and would be incredibly straightforward for amateurs and professionals alike.

Everybody that meets him is always shocked by this big stallion that shows so much affection and respect to even us very little people!

No vices, never bites or kicks. Absolutely no malice in him whatsoever. Selling him will break my heart'

This video taken in 2019 is a testament to this wonderful stallions attitude and big heart.  Not only did he battle on through storm conditions, howling wind, driving rain and thunder, through the deepest of ground and not at full fitness.  He did it with limited vision as the  stallion disk on his bridle had slipped over his left eye!

Paddy as a sire

Paddy  has sired fifteen  foals for me.  Jis duties as a covering stallion have been modest due to ridden production and work.  Also the fact that with a number of other super stallions here, their was little pressure to over use him.

His offspring have been really impressive from a variety of mares and with six of the ten in professional homes and at various stages of their training and production for future performance, he has also sire two Graded and Licensed stallions, one here with us and the other in Germany.

 Paddy has not been trained to the dummy although he would be an easy candidate. Paddy has never stood at public stud despite many enquiries and he has not been frozen, this means that as a commercial stallion he has an untapped market with no semen held to interrupt or dilute his new owners marketing plans.

His offspring tend to be tall with his big kind eye and superb temperaments.  They have without fail moved with well above average gaits; expressive and demonstrating elasticity and balance.  They are all exceptionally athletic and those tried over jumps have inherited their sires effortless scope.

There is a slideshow of some of his foals further down this page.  The one opposite is GFS Eskimo Jo as a yearling.

We are expecting two foals in 2021 out of two performance mares and very much hoping for fillies!

A Normal Schooling Session May 2019 - warts and all!

Paddy July 2018​

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Paddy of Liosin - Offspring