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18th May 2022

I am delighted to be able to announce our sixth filly and final foal of the GFS 2022 season.  Quirilina has produced the most exquisite palomino.  That brings us to eight perfect foals this year and I could not be more proud of the mares and my beautiful stallions, they really are creating some magical horses for the future.

17th May 2022 - Today we are celebrating the safe arrival of two absolutely spectacular foals by GFS Fire and Ice.

A sensational buckskin leopard spot colt foal out of our precious Charisma (Camaro x Hurikan) and an exquisite double dilute filly out of our glittering, shimmering Kinsky Warmblood mare Pepper.  It is fair to say that we are feeling blessed.

One more mare to go................

14th May

The early hours of the morning saw the arrival of our first colt foal of the season.  An absolutely enormous dark palomino colt foal by GFS Lord of the Dance and out of our precious Whisper.  

I am utterly thrilled, he is perfectly correct despite his size and has a lot of long, strong bone bone.  A very beautiful looking young man he is too and a naturally friendly, relaxed character it would appear.  

I am very much looking forward to posting many updates and photos of this sensational foal.

7th May 2022

Our fourth foal, fourth filly and third palomino.  I could not be more delighted.

This little stunner is by GFS Lord of the Dance x Arko III/Calvados

28th March 2022

Our third foal of 2022 and our third filly!

I am thrilled to announce the arrival of this particularly stunning palomino filly by GFS Fire and Ice out of Deihaiwejo (Inca)

17th March 2021

Here is our second 2022 arrival; GFS Oceania.  Another very civilised daytime birth and we could not be more delighted with this exquisite palomino filly by GFS Lord of the Dance and the beautiful as well as incredibly talented Dolanda (Dolly)

Our First 2022 Arrival

We were thrilled by the arrival of this exquisite buckskin filly this afternoon.  This beautiful girl is by GFS Lord of the Dance and out of out wonder mare Liosin Lux.  It was a text book birth with both mare and foal on their feet and filling their tummies before the mutual admiration party started!

More photos to follow....

2nd March 2022

Foaling is almost upon us!

I am expecting to make an announcement and introduction to the first GFS foal of 2022 very shortly!

In other news, the website is up to date, the Sales Page is published although this will be added to over the coming weeks.  I have also updated the 2022 Foal Page with the expected foals over the coming few months.

Welcome to another season of highs, lows, news, photos and the joy of new life. Enjoy the ride....

February 12th 2022

Well, it has been a long time waiting for news...!

Somehow we have slipped into the New Year and half way through February.  I shall not pretend that I am not delighted that we are so much closer to the joys of Spring, the sun once again on our backs and my beloved horses once again roaming the paddocks and enjoying the new grass. But, I am regretful that I have failed to publish regular posts.

Weaning went incredibly well and I have thoroughly enjoyed the foals that we deliberately retained last year.  It is always a dream to have the luxury of keeping the foals as long as we can.  The joy of watching them grow in stature and character is such a special privilege to be a part of their early transitional development and education.  It makes it a little more heart breaking to see them eventually go, but I think the pleasure outweighs the pain.

We started the winter on rather a tragic note.  Costa Brava and Neforia died very suddenly and within 48 hours of each other which was so poignant as they have spent the majority of their adult life together and were so close.  Neforia suffered an inoperable bout of colic and Costa died from a heart attack walking to the indoor school.  More of a tragedy was that both mares were in foal.  Needless to say we were shocked and deeply saddened by their deaths.  Their loss was compounded last week when we lost Georgie.  She developed a rapid onset of toxic shock with no identifiable cause, she was put on IV fluids and anti biotics for two days and we really thought we were winning.  Her foal remained alive and scans revealed no obvious issues with her heart or gut.  She died very suddenly between regular checks and it is believed that she was taken by an aneurism.  As primary carers for these amazing animals who become such an intrinsic part of the fabric of our lives, our world is suddenly a much smaller and sadder place when they leave us.

Our plans for producing a number of our youngstock have been radically changed.  We have been badly let down by the team who we were planning on working with and as such we are now putting our 'pipe dreams' on hold and regretfully preparing to sell some very special youngsters.

Foaling will shortly be commencing and I am very much looking forward to welcoming some rather special foals into our lives and introducing them to everyone who follows us. Every year is special and exciting but this year I really feel that amazing is on the horizon!

The Sales page and 2022 Foal page is now on line, it will be added to over the coming days/weeks and I am delighted to welcome you along for the ride....

28th September 2021

It has been a month between updates with one thing and another.  I have now uploaded video slide shows on the Gallery 2021 Page for July, August and September.  I will also be updating individual foal photos shortly.

We have already bid farewell to GFS Xanthos, GFS Maelstrom and GFS Talisman and they are all  blessed with wonderful new homes and ambitious owners who intend to produce each and every one in competition.  GFS Alchemy, GFS Sirocco and GFS Rhapsody are also now all weaned and phase two will shortly be commencing with the next four on the list!

I will shortly be introducing a very exciting new addition to our broodmare family and we will be saying goodbye to Bambi, Tigger as well as GFS Pandora who I am excited to announce will be leaving us for Elamo Irish Sport Horses to be produced under saddle.


I am trying hard to keep the website up to date and the photos/video's relevant in terms of the foals rapid growth and development.  Six still to capture on video/camera for this month but they are all looking spectacular.

There are still a few foals left remaining for sale, a rather lovely yearling and a very exciting broodmare in foal to GFS Fire and Ice.

Weaning is wll under way with six of the seventeen now weaned and ready to leave for their new homes.  It really has been a very exciting year in terms of the quality of the foals and some of the really special homes they have been claimed by.

Please keep checking back, the website will be changing regularly over the coming days and weeks with lots of photos, videos and news x

28th July 2021

I have been slow to update the news page for many reasons not least of which has been the volume of work over the past few weeks and lack of anything particularly exciting to report.

Sadly Lola's GFS Eskimo Jo foal was still born due to strangulation of the umbilical cord prior to foaling. We are obviously enormously disappointed and sorry for Lola.

We have now finished covering the mares who will be foaling next year and with many retiring or due to retire next year, we will start to breed less. Withthis in mind we will be selling our two youngest broodmares GFS Pandora and Tigger. 

 Tigger is in foal scanned with a live heartbeat to GFS Fire and Ice, GFS Pandora will hopefully now have an opportunity at five years old to start under saddle and commence a competitive career where her abundance of natural talent will have a chance to shine with a lucky new owner.

GFS Hi Jinx will be staying but she will be put under saddle here and aimed at an eventing career in the years to come.

The website has been updated with new photos, videos and updated sales. I will continue to publish more photos and video over the coming week or two until every horse has fresh footage.

I am looking forward to roaming the paddocks once again with camera in hand and offering photos of all our beautiful horses enjoying the freedom of our huge paddocks and the sun on their backs.

28th July 2021

I have been slow to update the news page for many reasons not least of which has been the volume of work over the past few weeks and lack of anything particularly exciting to report.

Sadly Lola's GFS Eskimo Jo foal was still born due to strangulation of the umbilical cord prior to foaling.  We are obviously enormously disappointed and sorry for Lola.

We have now finished covering the mares who will be foaling next year and with many retiring or due to retire next year, we will start to breed less.  Withthis in mind we will be selling our two youngest broodmares GFS Pandora and Tigger.  Tigger is in foal scanned with a live heartbeat to GFS Fire and Ice, GFS Pandora will hopefully now have an opportunity at five years old to  start under saddle and commence a competitive career where her abundance of natural talent will have a chance to shine with a lucky new owner.

GFS Hi Jinx will be staying but she will be put under saddle here and aimed at an eventing career in the years to come.

The website has been updated with new photos, videos and updated sales.  I will continue to publish more photos and video over the coming week or two until every horse has fresh footage.

I am looking forward to roaming the paddocks once again with camera in hand and offering photos of all our beautiful horses enjoying the freedom of our huge paddocks and the sun on their backs.

Under the glowing light of the Strawberry Moon, the first full moon of summer and the last Supermoon of 2021, my adored and most beloved GFS Hi Jinx foaled down her first foal. This precious filly is double dilute and without a shadow of doubt she is as special and to be as prized as the moon she was born under. Her arrival was written in the stars; Jinxy was due to be covered by GFS Eskimo Jo but twice, she rejected him in preference to GFS Lord of the Dance last year and this is the magical result.

Jinx is the four year old full sister to GFS Fire and Ice and the only daughter of my beautiful Folly's Rock who we so sadly lost last year. She will be headed for a competition career and put under saddle upon weaning and this foal will be her last for many years. She is taking motherhood in her stride so far, foaled down effortlessly and for a feisty girl, this has definitely brought out her gentle side.

The filly is very tall, strong and well built for a first foal, I can see that she has a big character and she certainly looks to be built beautifully. She is straight and correct with a lovely head, which was to be expected from this breeding.

Over the coming days, I will update her photos in multitudes and doubtless give an endless dialogue on her many virtues! But this morning, before I head back to bed for an hour or two just know that this penultimate foal of the season is really a dream come true and her arrival has triggered a buzz of excitement and put a huge smile on this occasionally jaded old breeders face!

I have finally found time to update our Gallery Page and following such a lengthy delay, I have amalgamated both the month of May and June for an even lengthier photo slide show!  If you have the time to watch it, please enjoy x

In the early hours of the 19th June, Tregonning (Georgie) our amazing foster mum to GFS DragonHeart in 2020 gave birth to her own foal by GFS Lord of the Dance.  She is  very beautiful palomino who shows every indication that she is going to be a very tall horse at maturity.  She is absolutely charming in nature with a very friendly disposition and a lot of character.  We are delighted.

29th May 2021


Two early foals and both fillies! Arriving simultaneously, that was possibly up there as one of the most pressurised foaling situations yet. They were literally foaling together in adjacent stables.

Both are very unusual colours. My beautiful Camaro mare Charisma foaled an enormous but very correct buckskin and white filly and my home bred maiden mare Pandora who is by GFS Fire and Ice foaled a huge palomino with the prettiest sprinkling of snowflake spots across her rump. 

Both of these heavenly fillies are by GFS Eskimo Jo and my word, I am starting to see how he stamps his foals and they are really big, quality types with strong limbs and elegant, athletic body type with lovely heads and kind eyes.

Only three mares left to foal this year thankfully!

I will be updating photos shortly of the beautiful arrivals as they get out to stretch their legs and an inkling of what is in store as they start to mature.

26th May 2021

The drought is broken....another filly!

A fabulously easy foaling which was much appreciated after a fairly tense start to the season, this little wonder was straight to her feet and marching determinedly to feed as if she had done it all before.

This buckskin leopard spot foal is absolutely divine, she was born in the early hours of Wednesday morning, hot on the heals of the little palomino stunner born a few hours earlier. She is absolutely perfect. By GFS Fire and Ice, she is of course stamped with his exceptionally nice head, long legs, strong compact body and powerful back end. He really does throw some superb foals out of such a variety of mares, each one indelibly imprinted with his special qualities and we will be expecting a lot more of them in 2022!  We are also expecting foals from his full sister Hi Jinx and his daughter Pandora this year.

This particularly special filly is out of a Sir Shutterfly mare; AWE Supernova ('Bambi') whose dam was by Branco van Overis (Parco)/Concorde. I think the result of this breeding has produced what we hoped for, because if she moves like I think she is going to and is as athletic as she looks, she is going to make a very serious prospect whatever she is aimed at and another sure bet is that everybody is going to see her coming and wherever she is going, she is going to get there in style!

Next foal is due the weekend after next but as the two new arrivals were due a day or two after that, anything might happen! My beautiful Camaro mare Charisma is due next with a GFS Eskimo Jo foal!

I will be updating photos shortly of the beautiful arrivals as they get out to stretch their legs and an inkling of what is in store as they start to mature.

26th May 2021

At last, a filly. She is a little early but was clearly in a hurry to meet us! Twelve foals and this is only our second filly; she was well worth the wait.

Born half an hour after midnight under the light of a full moon and on my Granddaughter's birthday, the perfect start to a special day and the celebration of life.

This exquisite little beauty is simply perfect. She is by GFS Lord of the Dance, out of Zievident (Izzy) who is by the great showjumping stallion Karandasj and what a wonderful combination of genetics. This filly was barely on her feet before she started whinnying loudly, jumping about with great delight and testing those lovely long legs, I have a feeling this one is going to have wings!

More to come, I cannot wait to see this stunner out and showing what she is made of. I also have a sneaky suspicion that we may be heralding the arrival of another new face in the next day or two!

9th May 2021

The website is now completely up to date​ aside from the Gallery Page, this will be updated shortly with selections of the best photos taken over the recent and coming months.

The Sales Page has now been published with new photos and video of all the horses offered for sale and I will continue to add to that over the next few days/weeks as decisions are made.  

We are now open for visitors wishing to view the Sales horses and I am always available to answer any questions by phone: 07955 429959

Three more new arrivals and they are all colts! That is a 10/11 strike rate this year  for colts!

Tiger Lily foaled a very glamorous dark golden palomino, Neforia produced the most stunningly beautiful buckskin and Pepper's was a very tall double dilute who looks at this stage to be a cremello and also appears to have inherited the gene that gives Pepper that magical iridescent coat sheen.

All mares and foals are doing well and I very much look forward to updating their photos over the coming days.

We now have seven foals still due and I am hoping that if not fillies then we see some rather spectacular colours to finish of the season!

21st April​ 2021

I am thrilled to herald the arrival of this particularly special smoky black colt (yes, another colt!!) by GFS Fire and Ice.

He is over three weeks premature and was obviously in a hurry to meet us!

His dam Shadow (Wantasia) who is by Indoctro and out of a Corland mare has got to be the ultimate broodmare; she has the most extraordinary temperament, she has simply fantastic movement, massive scope over a fence and just loves her job. She only has to look at a stallion to conceive, she carries her foals with ease, foals with minimal effort or fuss and is simply the most amazing mother who loves her job. She is very precious to us and much loved. I had not originally been planning on her having a foal this year and had intended to retire her, not due to her age or for any other reason than she has consistently produced foal after exceptional foal for me and I could not endure for anything to go wrong. As you can imagine, after the shocking start to this season I have been having a few sleepless nights with worry of what could go wrong next! My fears were groundless, she foaled so quickly that we nearly missed it and both she and her foal were on their feet and feeding very quickly. Her colt is as superb as all of her previous foals and I cannot wait to photograph him and post updates over the coming days and weeks.

Ironically for someone who has dithered and procrastinated over naming the foals this year, I instantly thought of the name GFS Blue Thunder. Sadly, this foal is not mine...I gifted this foal to my eldest son at Christmas and so naming rights go to him! If he doesn’t like the name, I will have to add it to that infamous list of mine in case it suits another arrival!

The next two mares, both due on the same day are Pepper and Neforia whose foals are 'pencilled in' to arrive on the 6th May. Now, I am not so sure as if they are going to take a cue from Shadow, it may be sooner rather than later! Tiger Lily is next and then we finish with the last seven in June!

I will be posting updates shortly on the foals to date and the three 2020 yearling geldings we will be offering for sale this year as well as tales of their progress...

4th April 2021

I am delighted to announce the birth of this super  palomino colt by GFS Eskimo Jo and out of It's Magic.  Very tall, correct and strong, this handsome young man is full brother to GFS Illuminati and on first impressions he is just as special.


At a very reasonable hour, my beloved Whisper produced this absolutely breathtaking cremello colt by GFS Fire and Ice with her usual 'no fuss, now feed me' foaling style and subsequent effortless transition to devoted but sensible mothering mode. She really is a mare in a million and those were my exact thoughts about her foal as he slithered into the world in all his pale, shimmering glory. There were four of us present at his birth, quite by chance and to a person, we were momentarily silenced as well as astounded by the absolute beauty and presence of this particular foal. He is spectacular; perfect in every respect, he has a fantastic head, superb conformation and a lovely friendly attitude. He is a whopper too!

Whispers offspring have always hit 17hh, regardless of the stallion so I think it is safe to say he is going to be one very big, impressive horse at maturity! This is our fifth colt of the season so far which is extraordinary, last year all I wanted was colts and only got four. I would be happy to see some fillies arrive this year as I had been hoping to retain a few but I am never the less quite thrilled with such a heavenly host of such divine colts and consider myself blessed x

14th March 2021

Our fifth foal of the season and our fourth colt!

This lovely palomino is by Paddy of Liosin and out of the lovely Quiranlina Z (Quirifino x Lorentin).

He is a lovely big leggy boy with three wire socks and a very large blaze.  I will update the foal page this week and start adding photos and video although no foals will be offered for sale before two months of age this year.

Two new arrivals! Sahara has foaled a stunning chestnut colt by GFS Eskimo Jo and Inca has produced a divine golden buckskin filly by GFS Fire and Ice.  Updates and photos to follow...

I am delighted to announce the arrival of our first two foals of the season.  Our first arrivals are yet to be names but the tall palomino cot is by GFS Lord of the Dance out of the fabulous Liosin Lux (Lux Z x Golden Bash) and the stunning buckskin colt is by Paddy of Liosin and out of Hanoverian Head Stud Book mare Costa Brava (Contendro I x Western Star).

I will be posting updates on these two strapping foals over the coming days and weeks.

We are also expecting several more announcements to come over the 

Happy Valentines Day

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day.  I always find it fitting that this day marks the start of the breeding season and makes it all rather romantic.

Today I have published our 2021 Foaling List .  Our lovely girls are all living the life of luxury, wrapped up warm and enjoying room service, daily massages and plenty of time out enjoying a good buck and a roll.  Although the winter is such a physically demanding time keeping my ladies in their own stables and on regular individual exercise and nutritional plans, I actually love spending the time with them and having the opportunity to really strengthen our bonds.

I have been showcasing the girls on a Facebook series and  have been taking lots of photos as they near their foaling dates.

I will edit and post a slideshow for the website of the images next week.  They are all looking tremendous and in fine fettle.

We sadly lost May Bellini's foal six weeks prior to her due date due to a rare torsion of the umbilical cord which was a very sad loss, but Belle is doing well and I will be seeking a special friend for her to sit out this summer with to enjoy another's company and to add to our happy herd as some of our 'glamorous grannies' enter retirement  this year.l be posting news in the next week or so as the new arrivals start making their appearance.

We will also be welcoming two special new team members and making an announcment about that shortly too...

News Update 14/01/21

The Gallery Page for 2020 - 2021 has been updated with photos taken in both December and January.  I have also added some youngster updates in the form of various slideshows.  This is something I will continue to do for anyone interested in watching their development as they continue to mature and grow each month. The 2021 Foal Page will also be prepared and updated by shortly with dates and details as we now start to countdown the weeks to our first arrivals!

I am also adding a Facebook page whereby anyone choosing not to become in social media and its various platforms can see any updates or photos I post on the website.

A belated Happy New Year to one and all!

I don't know whether it is because I am getting older, but each winter the work seems to get harder, the time moves faster and the days get shorter!  Suffice to say that with summer a cherished memory, the punishing schedule of the winter months are causing me to struggle to keep the website current and interesting at the moment. Although the FaceBook page is a little faster to update and therefore probably the first stop for any news or photos.

I have managed to continue taking photos and have quite a collection to organise into a December/January Gallery shortly. I think it will be fascinating for you to see how the foals are growing and how quickly. It has been a bit of a dream come true to retain eight of our precious babies from the 2020 season. Although I am so very blessed to have found amazing homes for so many of the foals, it is never the same as keeping them at home and watching them mature. I will have to sell a few of them regretfully as I plan to keep a number of next years foals too with the idea of running numbers on to produce under saddle in the coming years.

We will be foaling 21 this year with probably the most exciting year to date. Starting at the end of February, will shortly post a 2021 Foaling page with a list of those to foal, the breeding, dates and colour probabilities and to be updated with each arrival!

There is lot's to look forward to this year and have exciting plans afoot - to be elaborated on further in due course....! 

25th November 2020

I have now posted the October/November 2020 Photo Gallery on the Page as promised!  The foals are growing so fast and I just love watching them grow in stature, confidence and seeing their characters develop.  I will be updating their photos throughout the winter.

19th November 2020

It has been a busy few weeks since last updating the website.  All of the horses are now in their winter routine; coats on, in their own stables with room service and  living the life of luxury with daily turn out whenever possible and depending on the weather, otherwise exercise on the horse walker or in either the outdoor or indoor school for a good buck and a roll with a couple of friends.  The days are sadly shorter, the work harder and sometimes it seems never ending. But, there is something so very special about spending more quality time with the mares and reconnecting on a more personal one on one basis.  Enjoying watching the foals develop independence post weaning and learning the strange way of people with our ropes, rugs, brushes, buckets and hoof is all very confusing at first but once in a routine and full of confidence in the good things we can offer, it is a remarkable privilege to become a part of their journey towards maturity and watch them grown physically and develop their characters. 

We said a very sad farewell to GFS Zoffany and GFS Wishful Thinking who both left for their wonderful new homes as well as the incredibly wonderful Paddy who has moved to Scotland to be with a lovely lady and someone who is becoming a very good friend, Deborah Priestly.  I still own a share in the big golden one at the moment and I am delighted that Paddy is not only incredibly settled and happy in his new home but he has started a training program with new owner Debbie that involves lessons with some rather amazing people and a fitness routine that includes endless beach rides and galloping through the surf at every opportunity!  I am very excited to watch his progression next year and report on this stunning stallions endeavours at the commencement of the BE 2021 season.

I did not manage to do an October photo gallery on the page last month but I am working hard on producing a November selection of photos.  I am planning on keeping the website updated at least monthly throughout our closed season with plenty of photos and of course updates on our lovely girls and the foals they are expecting from March. It is going to be our biggest ever season and I believe we are going to see the arrival of some phenomenal foals early next year!

16th October 2020

It has been a slow month for news but a lot has been happening.  We only have three foals left to wean and so far it has gone like a dreamwith the weaned foals in a great routine of out all day, in at night and handled daily which they all love.  They are such a mannerly group and I am unbelievably proud of ech and every foal.  It is always sad to say goodbye, but we  saw the twins and the gorgeous GFS Rocketman leave to their new homes and I am delighted to say they have settled beautifully and I look forward to updating their news. We still have one or two super youngsters available and the website is updated accordingly with the Sales Page current.

The website will shortly be updated with new photos, a proper catch up and hopefully a new Blog page so the I can share the news, daily fun and dramas and try not to be too silent over the coming winter months!

Tania x

6th September 2020

I do not know where the time has gone this year! I have been uncharacteristically  lax in not keeping the news page updated despite publishing the monthly Galleries and keeping new photos of the foals current. 


In many respects this has been one of the busiest years we have had for a long time.  With lock down and many of the usual distractions kept at bay we have made a concerted effort to concentrate on getting everything up to date in terms of maintenance, improvements and establishing future aims and planning.

We have been blessed with the presence of Emily Rix back and riding the stallions as her plans for this summer were stymied too as a result of this strange state of affairs borne on the back of COVID.

GFS Fire and Ice has benefited enormously from Emily's attention and he has recovered his fitness following last years injury and thoroughly enjoying jumping and schooling work where he has made enormous leaps and bounds...literally! 

Following a really sensational foaling season that despite the many dramas, tragedies and problems that arose this year we had a really fantastic foal crop which was very exciting.  We have made a decision to retain two of the fillies and there are two colts that have sparked an excitement here that I have not felt for a while.  They too will be lingering a while!

We have two colts, GFS DragonHeart our darling orphan and the spectacular GFS Kalahari who we are offering as available to the right homes and two sensational fillies GFS Wishful Thinking and either Izzy's or Pepper's, whichever goes first.  I would be delighted to keep either! 

We said goodbye last week to Whisper's absolutely heavenly filly GFS Amazing Grace.  She is set for a life enjoying the thrills and excitement of the eventing circuit.  The beautiful twins GFS Peekaboo and WhoopsieDaisy are happily going to remain together in a wonderful new home shortly and GFS Rocketman is heading to a fabulous lady who has big plans for him as an eventer too.

Weaning is well under way and with only four left to wean in six weeks time I have had endless enjoyment spending time with the foals and practising all the essential handling skills and basic life skills necessary when living with people!

We have had twenty one mares scanned in foal for next year and plan to retain up to ten to continue the plan of developing more of a ridden program and professional production of our horses for ourselves.  In the years following we will be reducing the foals we produce in line with our mares retirement and youngsters will start taking more of a priority and more in line with a peaceful semi retirement!

Paddy is still in the Cotswolds where he has been out only a few times unfortunately but continues to be an absolute dream stallion and one capable of flying round a Novice BE course, schooling to a very high level and hacking on the buckle alone or in company.  I have regretfully come to the decision that I will be selling Paddy of Liosin this year.  He is a joy to own and I have thoroughly enjoyed the pleasure of owning him since purchasing him in utero nine years ago.  He has produced some absolutely fantastic foals for me including the amazing GFS Eskimo Jo and he is the sire of two of our 2021 expected foals.  Unfortunately I simply do not have nor have ever really had the time to orchestrate his career the way I had hoped to.

This horse is a dream come true in terms of his faultless temperament, absolutely staggeringly beautiful looks and his absolute kindness and generosity under saddle.  He is safety personified and I would go as far as to say he is almost anybody's ride.  He is vice free, an angel to catch, load, travel, with the farrier and his behaviour out and about is both professional and mannerly.

I would like to find a home for him where he can continue to enjoy competing, produce more wonderful foals and most importantly receive the love and attention that he so craves and deserves.  He is not a bargain by any means but to the perfect home his price will be fair.


Folly's Rock (1998 – 2020)

Always loved, forever in our hearts and memories. I am so sad I had to let her go but she told me it was time.

This mare touched our lives in so many ways. She was a force of nature, physically and with a character that demanded attention. She had the kind of presence that the special ones always have.

Folly's Rock was enormous fun, full of exuberance, opinionated, an amazing mother and a devoted friend. She did not suffer fools but she was also so very kind.

She had five foals for me over the many years I have spent with her and learned from her. Four colts; GFS Fire and Ice, GFS Hocus Pocus, GFS Punk Rock all of which were loud leopard spot and all pretty fantastic.

She blessed me with one daughter, GFS Hi Jinx, now three who I could not part with fortunately and will one day become part of this incredible mares legacy. She leaves her 2020 colt, GFS Rocketman too soon but this special boy will do her proud, of that I have no doubt. She loved being a mother and her foals were her greatest source of joy and pride.

Folly was by the late great Rock King and out of a Bohemond mare. Bred very much for eventing, she was sadly denied the competitive career she would have thrived on and doubtless shone at due to early injury. She was a born athlete with Herculean strength and so fleet of foot and mind.

She will live on through the bloodlines she shared with her foals and her many grandchildren and I am sure she will be waiting, one day when it is time for me to join her.

She has left her pain behind and I am happy for her that her aching body can no longer stop her running free even though my aching heart needs a little time to heal.

3rd June 2020

Not too much news at the moment.  

We are almost finished covering and scanning our own mares in foal with just a few of the more difficult girls still to confirm as due to foal in 2021.  It looks as though we have a record number of foals due with a third of our mares then due for retirement.  A bit like myself!  The 2021 foals are fairly evenly spread as sired by our four stallions and needless to say, I am already anticipating their arrivals and agonising over their names!

Both GFS Fire and Ice and GFS Lord of the Dance are back in work with the return of Emily Rix for the summer.  Having super established flatwork and with Ice having been trained to Advanced Medium dressage.  We will be concentrating on their jumping this year.

We have welcomed a new mare to the farm, she is a lovely five year old by Sir Shutterfly, having competed in the BYEH at Burleigh with the highest jumping score, she will be put in foal to GFS Fire and Ice.

We still have a number of our 2020 foals available for your consideration, all of which are super quality with great temperaments and suitable for a variety of disciplines and future aspirations. I will be updating all of the foal pages this weekend with plenty of updated photos.

The JUne Photo Gallery has now been published and can be viewed on the Gallery Page or just beneath this post.

June 2020 Gallery Slideshow

9th June 2020

Here is a link to our Facebook page.  It is the only way I can share the link to the rather lovely feature article published by the Regional Horse Magazines with none other than GFS Eskimo Jo on the cover!

I will be updating photos and videos this week and have already published our GFS Sporthorses May 2020 photo Gallery for anyone interested in that slide show.

Paddy returned to the Cotswolds last week to join Frankie Price in preparation for the commencement of the British Eventing season commencing next month...fingers crossed!  He thoroughly enjoyed his holiday and we are expecting two foals from him in 2021!

In other news...we are still welcoming a number of visiting mares with GFS Fire and Ice and GFS Lord of the Dance being exceptionally popular this year.

Of our own mares, we now have eighteen scanned in for a bumper season in 2021 and some very exciting combinations!

Foaling is of course now over for us and we have some super foals on the ground with a number still available.

Our little orphan has well and truly bonded with his new foster mum and is now thoroughly enjoying the freedom to play with other horses and learn valuable lessons from that interaction and that of being cared for by this super mare.

4th June 2020

It is with great excitement and a degree of relief that I can happily announce both the arrival of this magnificent chestnut filly and the final curtain call for the end of our 2020 foaling season.

This beautiful red head is by GFS Eskimo Jo and of course out of 'Izzy' or Zievident as she is registered with the KWPN. There is some serious jumping talent to be found in this filly's pedigree and Izzy is the dam of the eventing 'wonderchild' GFS Moonlight Echo. Her last filly was snapped up by the owners of Echo and we will doubtless be reporting on her debut in a couple of years!

I will post updates on both of our final two fillies and get some photos as they leave the foaling barn and their little hooves get an opportunity to show us if they can dance....I rather suspect that we will be delighted!

2nd June 2020

I am delighted to announce the safe arrival of this little darling.  Charisma has produced a very beautiful minimally marked double dilute filly by GFS Lord of the Dance and I could not be happier.

I will be updating her page and details, with endless photos and video...of course!

I have also added the May 2020 Photo Gallery for anyone who may be interested in the many random photos taken over the montha nd to give a little insight into life and the many characters who live here.

One more foal to go before we can call time on another foaling season and concentrate on finishing the 2021 covering and enjoy watching this years foals exploring the paddocks, gaining in confidence daily and gradually maturing into the wonderful horses they will all become.

20th May 2020

I am absolutely thrilled to announce the safe arrival of a beautiful palomino colt in the early hours of this morning.

By GFS Lord of the Dance and out of the incredibly special KWPN Ster Graded Neforia (Haarlem x Legaat), this colt is so beautiful that it is hard to imagine him as a boy!  He is a beautiful colour, almost pink! His conformation is absolutely super with long, strong and correct legs, he is compact of body yet remains  incredibly elegant.  From the brief  time we could see him moving when they went into the school for Neforia to stretch her legs and have a roll, his movement is utterly breathtaking!  

15th May 2020

This is a story of two parts really and like many a tale, there is tragedy, hope and the promise of such a special ending that the heartache and the sorrowful journey almost makes sense.

Please let me introduce you to this little 'phoenix'. From the ashes of despair and terrible loss, this golden colt has risen and reminded us of the wonder of a new day.

On Thursday night as my beautiful Treloan Simply Red lay down to foal, it quickly became apparent that something was terribly wrong. As veterans of so very many foaling scenarios over the years and a lifetimes experience of all type of livestock midwifery at hand, it was rapidly obvious that saving the foal who was presenting upside down was going to be the best case scenario, if highly unlikely.

It is a tribute to the exceptional skills of Brian Smith who against all odds managed to guide him into the world with a steely determination and the angels on side, our incredible vets who arrived at speed, in force and with typical efficiency, that my beautiful lady left this world with dignity. Before the shock and adrenalin of her ordeal wore off, she had a brief opportunity to welcome her little man with clear delight and the unadulterated pride and adoration that is the gift of a mother.  She closed her eyes knowing love.

I count the many blessings that have arisen from this devastation even as it felt that my heart was splintering into a thousand tiny pieces.

I had the opportunity to spend a part of my life with a mare who gave nothing but love. A sweet, special soul with an immense generosity of spirit and genuine kindness. She was the daughter of my beloved Treloan Tiger Lily and was an integral part of our bigger animal family that encompasses so many wonderful characters, past and present who continue to make our lives such a huge adventure each day.

Treloan Simply Red has left a huge legacy as well as a hole in our hearts. Her tall, proud son, gilded in a coat of gleaming gold is simply perfection. He has the spirit of a fighter and the heart of a lion, a special gift left by our departing friend who will forever be missed and always remembered with such deep affection.

Sleep peacefully my beautiful girl and make sure you are watching from that special place because we will take such good care of him and he will make you so proud x

1st May 2020

Well, with nine healthy foals on the ground so far in the 'Class of 2020', there are four more very special arrivals due this year.  I cannot believe that we have managed to almost bring our foaling season to a close before the first of May!  We also have ten mares scanned in foal for 2021 already!  It is a rare thing that I am so organised so early but it is always an enormous relief to see the years foals happy, healthy and playing so happily in their little herds.  Getting the mares in foal is also another huge hurdle to clear.  I have not really embraced AI as a protocol here when the boys are here and they cover so politely in hand (for the most part!) and it is much easier to get the mares in foal but it is still a hazardous job for the handlers and it's fair to say that a collective sigh of relief is usually audible when the job is a good one!

The April 2020 Gallery has now been completed and posted on the website.  Please enjoy the photos.

The Sales Pages are coming on nicely and I will shortly be listing what foals will be available this year.

23rd April 2020

I am delighted to announce the arrival of Folly's Rock's simply stunning silvery buckskin colt!  It was not the easiest arrival as Folly has been under veterinary care for the past few months for a horrific knee injury but I am delighted to say that both Folly and her as yet unnamed colt are both doing well.

19th April 2020

As this particularly odd situation lingers and Covid19 continues to disrupt all of our lives, isolation has been passing mostly unnoticed as work continues and I have come to realise that this work is a fairly lonely old existence even without this insidious virus! 

Our seven beautiful 2020 foals who have so far made a safe arrival are all thriving and validating the tough decisions made in their breeding choices.  We have six more special deliveries yet to make a grand entrance, due from the end of the month and as ever there is a feeling of great anticipation and excitement preceding their appearance!

We have continued covering our own mares and to date have scanned seven in foal with seven more to scan in the coming days.

We are also now taking in outside mares for live cover with strict biosecurity protocol in place and social distancing strictly adhered to as per regulations. Please call if you would like to book in your mare as we now have limited spaces.

The website has been updated and I have started the 2020 photo Gallery page as a means of a monthly photo journal for anyone who is interested!

3rd April 2020

At last I am finding some time to catch up with the website. These are extraordinary trying times for us all and from my family to yours, we are sending our love, best wishes and prayers that you remain safe, positive and strong for the many trials and challenges ahead of us all.

We are obviously currently  in lock down along with the majority of the world but continue to concentrate on our foaling season. 

We have now welcomed seven very special new lives into the world, crazy as it may now be and what a thrill it has been.  They really are absolutely spectacular and everything I could have hoped for when setting out to breed my own ideal and horses with every attribute I could hope for.  I am concentrating on updating each of their pages with plenty of photos and will mark whichever will be available accordingly.

I am sorry to report that sadly Inca's enormous and very beautiful palomino leopard filly was born three weeks premature and despite a valiant effort on all parts, we lost her within 24 hours.  Inca is doing fine and has fallen in love with her new best friend, the staggeringly beautiful May Bellini who joined us last month.

I have great news from Florida...the wonderful GFS Mikado who left us last October for the US has been Graded at rising three and put on a spectacular show of his ability.  Clearing a 3ft 6" x 3ft 6" oxer with ease and great style he is now a Graded stallion and on the cusp of commencing what will doubtless be an absolutely spectacular career in both competition and as a future breeding stallion in the USA.

Wishing many congratulations to Jorge and Melissa Alvarez who are doing an incredible job of producing this much loved and missed character at Top Hat Equine.  With such fabulous new owners, his journey will be an exciting one to follow.

Top Hat Equine also bought Treliver Delphine 'Delphi' from us, she was in foal to GFS Fire and Ice.  The resulting foal is an absolutely gorgeous big palomino colt and both Delphi and her amazing foal are reportedly doing well.

In other news, we saw the arrival of another new mare before lockdown, she is a 17hh powerhouse with an enormous personality and every inch of her an athlete of massive ability.  By the very exciting young SJ stallion Sligo Candy Boy (Balou de Rouet/Giant Tschica) and out of an accomplished jumping mare by none other than the legendary and inimitable Cruising's sire, Secrest!

We had been hoping to bring in two other mares, one from Ireland and another here in the UK but have had to put those plans on hold due to the current situation.

Please keep checking the website, I will be adding many, many photos and plenty of video clips in the days to come and we still have six mares left to foal from the end of this month!

I wish you all well, let us count our many blessings at this time x

28th March 2020

I am utterly over the moon to announce the arrival of this long hoped for smoky black filly out of out precious mare Wantasia (Indoctro x Corland/Nimmerdor) and by the consistent sire of absolutely sensational offspring, GFS Fire and Ice.  Possibly the tallest foal we have ever had at foaling.

She is the sweetest natured filly with a naturally friendly, inquisitive personality and lovely laid back attitude.

This is a filly I have wished for over many foaling seasons and as Wantasia's career comes to an end, I could not be more delighted.

19th March 2019

We have been blessed by the arrival of an absolutely stunning bay colt, all legs and utterly beautiful.  This is another super colt by GFS Eskimo Jo and we are thrilled with the two foals he has sired this year with one more foal to arrive at the end of June.

12th March 2020

Last night saw the arrival of an absolutely spectacular buckskin colt by GFS Eskimo Jo.  A huge foal, he arrived with a triumphant whinny and won our hearts instantly.  His delighted mother It's Magic, or Madge to us could not be prouder and both are doing well.  This stunning young man has exceptional breeding and a pedigree made in heaven for jumping.  Whatever his future may hold, he will certainly catch everyones eye who comes across him!

09/03/2020 - Shock Announcement!

Well, here it is, time for an update on who else has arrived this 2020 foaling season!

On the 26th February following an otherwise uneventful pregnancy and a textbook delivery to full term. Our fantastic mare Destiny foaled a perfect pair of foals – again!!

A filly and a colt presented themselves following a brief and relatively easy birth. Both Destiny and her two foals were on their feet and all three enjoying a well earned feed rapidly, the two little ones zooming around the stable and exploring their surroundings and no doubt enjoying more space than they had become accustomed to!

Before I continue, I would like to categorically state that Destiny had been scanned with only one ovulating follicle and following conception, only a single foetus was detected. At no stage during her pregnancy was there the slightest suspicion that there was anything unusual.

Twins as most of us know are not desirable due to their poor survival rate and the inherent danger to the mare. This is why we routinely scan for multiple pregnancies and take immediate action in a timely fashion upon the discovery of such; neither is it common for a mare to carry to term and produce two healthy twin foals.

Two years ago Destiny, as many may remember produced another set of foals, these were mono zygotic and the genetically identical twin colt foals. The twin foals produced this year are not. GFS Shockwave and GFS Aftershock, born in 2018 not only survived but were both fit, healthy and highly athletic with winning characters. They are now both in super homes with the smaller foal, GFS Aftershock now in a showjumping home where he will be produced professionally to make the most of his incredible speed, balance and agility as well as his fearless attitude.

I am well aware that despite the miracle of this incredible event and the likelihood of two sets of healthy twins being born to the same mare, which is akin to being struck by lightening twice, there will be many people choosing to put a negative and unkind slant on this. That is fine, we are thrilled that both twins survived and feel that it is a balance of fate, luck excellent care and probably a pinch of fairy dust too that saw these two little miracles arrive and win our hearts!    


I am delighted to introduce the first of our new broodmares to arrive. This is May Bellini, she is a Hanoverian mare by the outstanding show jumping stallion Monte Bellini. Standing at 17hh and eleven years old, she competed to Novice BE with 52 foundation points, won at BD Elementary and had BS winnings before having to retire due to injury.

This is a beautiful girl with the nature of an angel. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to welcome her to the family and include her in our very exciting future plans.


I am absolutely delighted to announce the arrival of  another spectacular palomino filly. Out of Treloan Tiger Lily and by our very own GFS Lord of the Dance.  She is another huge, leggy girl with beautiful markings and the makings of a very special horse bred for sport, particularly eventing.

This is a very exciting foal for us also as Lily represents something of a matriarch here at the stud, we have her wonderful daughter Treloan Simply Red and her granddaughter GFS Zoffany.  Previous foals of Lily's have found themselves in professional homes and we are waiting with huge excitement to watch her 2017 foal GFS Midas Touch begin his ridden career shortly where he will be aimed at a serious eventing future.


And so it all begins again...!

Welcome one and all to the 2020 GFS Sporthorse breeding season, I hope you are holding on to your hats because I think we are going to have quite a ride this year and it has certainly started with a bang!

Today I am announcing the safe arrival of this absolutely amazing little darling.  She is an absolutely stunning and quite enormous golden palomino filly by GFS Lord of the Dance and out of our glorious girl Whisper.

This is a big, beautiful filly with a big strong frame, fabulous long correct legs and a super, friendly, confident character.

I will be updating the foals 2020 page later and adding lots of photos.

Please keep an eye on the website this year, the FB page too for all of the news as it happens...I promise that you won't be disappointed!

February 20/02/2020

And so it begins once again....!  We are preparing to start introducing the 2020 new arrivals and I am incredibly excited to meet the new generation of GFS horses.  First to foal this year will be our wonderful Olympic Lux mare  and the dam of our senior stallion Paddy, 'Destiny'.  She has a year off last year following the appearance of her unexpected twin colts, GFS Shockwave and GFS Aftershock!  In foal to GFS Lord of the Dance for a single foal, we are reliably informed!  This foal is sure to be a very special prospect for either eventing or showjumping.

Next in the maternity wing will be 'Whisper', again in foal to GFS Lord of the Dance and sure to be an equally super foal.  We have four mares hot on her heels with a foal due by GFS Eskimo Jo from our Treliver Decanter mare, Sahara who will actually be first to foal, Destiny's Great grandson or daughter!

In more news...An absolutely wonderful new addition to our broodmares will be joining us early next month!  With a successful record in eventing, SJ and dressage, I am very much looking forward to introducing this special lady shortly!

Updates to follow...........

January 2020

A very happy New Year to one and all...let us all have an amazing 2020 x

It seems only yesterday that we finished our 2019 foaling season and finished scanning the mares who were to foal in 2020, but here we are about to embark on yet another magical mystery journey of discovering what our planning and expectations will produce this year!

We start foaling next month and I am especially excited about the much anticipated new arrivals.  We are expecting foals from GS Fire and Ice, GFS Lord of the Dance and three much anticipated foals from GFS Eskimo Jo (pictured right) who has yet to really prove his worth as a reproductive stallion of merit due to allowing him more time to mature and really concentrate on his initial training as well as being very aware of his stifle which was broken at just under a year.

This will be the last commercial year for us and although I will continue to breed for my pleasure, it will be on a much smaller scale and the majority of future offspring will be retained and produced here at home.

I am still looking for suitable riders for my stallions and would be interested to hear from anyone interested in riding and or competing them from here. Paddy (pictured left) will shortly be returning to Frankie Price after a well deserved holiday back at home to resume his eventing career as well as covering a few of our mares this year and standing at Public Stud. The other three boys will remain here to continue their training, standing at stud and enjoying being family horses until such time as we find suitable riders.

I will be updating both the sales page and announcing the new arrivals as they appear shortly!

11th October 2019

It is slowly getting to that time of year where we have almost finished weaning the foals and are gradually bringing in the mares and youngstock for the winter.  I dread and look forward to having the horses back up on the yard and close to th house in equal measure!  The workload is phenomenal and  starting and finishing in the dark seven days a week is the norm! On the plus side, it is also a time when we can enjoy the close proximity of the horses and enjoy daily interaction.  They love it and so do we.  Each year they almost line up at the gate waiting for their winter issue rugs and the invitation to enter their stables with warm, clean bedding and daily room service! 

Tomorrow we are going to say goodbye to the horses who have been sold to and leaving for the United States.  GFS Mikado, GFS Millie Vanilli, GFS Chiquitita, GFS Sugar and Spice, GFS Grafitti and Treliver Delphine, in foal to GFS Fire and Ice will be leaving us to start their new life in Florida.  It will be sad to see them go but very exciting to see what the future holds for these special individuals.

We will be starting our foaling season in 2020 at the end of February.  I have updated the website to include who we will be expecting! I am very excited about meeting next years special arrivals!

I am also delighted to announce the arrival of another new face to GFS Sporthorses. We have been exceptionally fortunate to welcome Quiralina Z to the stud.  She is a very impressive big, powerful mare by Quirafino (Quidam de Revel) x Lorentin I/Flemming.  She has an excellent jumping record and has jumped internationally to 1.20. She has only been retired due to a foot injury.  Needless to say, we will be waiting for her first foal with immense anticipation!

31st August 2019

Many apologies for such a long period of time between updates and all of the happenings here at GFS Sporthorses.

It has been a difficult summer in many respects and various health and family issues being prioritised before my usual endless news flashes and photo overloads!

As you can imagine, it has otherwise been as busy as ever and regardless of any other problems we have had the constant joy of watching our 2019 foal crop start to grow into the wonderful young horses we dreamed of producing and seeing our youngsters continue to mature and show more and more promise.

This year we have also seen some phenomenal sales results! All of our horses as listed on the sales pages and every available foal has been sold.  It is always sad to see these wonderful friends leave, but we have been thrilled with the wonderful homes they are going to, mostly to professionals this year but one or two ambitious amateurs too. Their futures look very exciting and I am delighted to have been a part of it!

We have sold GFS Graffiti and GFS Mikado to the USA where they will be joining the team at Top Hat Equestrian in Palm Beach Florida and where they will be both produced and put forward for Grading as future stallions.  They will also be joined by GFS Millie Vanilli, GFS Chiquitita and GFS Sugar and Spice as well as Treliver Delphine who is in foal to GFS Fire and Ice.

I have retained two foals as it would have seemed very odd without the privilege of watching at least one or two maturing into fine yearlings under our watch!  GFS Zoffany and GFS Zahara were the only two left and we decided that rather than risk being left with just one little lonely, we would keep the two and offer them for sale either next year or the next having enjoyed their company a little longer!

We have also had the enormous good fortune to have added to our broodmares.  Now we are planning on breeding and producing more of our own in the future, we were delighted to welcome the stunning Dolanda to the family. Dolly is an eleven year old retired International Grade A showjumper with winnings in excess of £22,000 having jumped consistently up to 1.40. On the Sunshine Tour she won ten out of her twelve classes.  She is both beautiful and has an incredible temperament, a delight in every way.

I am hoping to bring in one or two more mares for next year as a number of my girls are retiring with more of an emphasis on mares who have competed at a higher level and ready to retire to a life of luxury as one of our  much loved ladies.

If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to contact me!

In other news....Five year old GFS Moonlight Echo, sold to Jackie Lancon and ridden by Sam Gillespie continues to blitz all opposition out eventing BE 100. She has a superb record and already has 68 Foundation Points as well as a well earned qualification to challenge for the Young Horse Championship at Osberton this October.

Paddy is back with Frankie Price where he has gained some super results at BE100 and about to go Novice.  

The two five year old boys at home are all on a holiday at the moment having worked so hard all winter and to early summer on their flatwork and dressage. This winter they will be returned to fitness and start jump training this Autumn. 

GFS Fire and Ice is still recovering from an unfortunate tendon sheath injury but we have every confidence that he will be back by late Autumn and we will be looking for someone to get him out competing.

I have updated the website and added an additional page for our 2020 Arrivals!  It is going to be another very exciting year with fifteen ladies all scanned in foal and three to GFS Eskimo Jo who we are very much looking forward to welcoming to the world!

I am also adding a huge photo album by way of video slide show as a way of catching up before keeping a monthly snapshot into life here into the old style galleries.

Video of the stallions will also be uploaded of some of their schooling sessions before they were turned out into the paddocks for some R & R.

Finally, everything is now up to date on the website and we have a new page dedicated to marketing clients horses who are either bred by us, sold by us or by one of our stallions!

29th June 2019

I have added new photos to the foals pages and will be continuing to add more over the weekend. I have also posted a 'Youngster' slideshow on our gallery page.  I will be uploading updated images of the stallions in work as well as plenty of video footage over the next few days.

We are also looking for a confident, competent rider to hack our well mannered, beautifully schooled stallions out for us and perhaps do some polework/jumping over the coming months and through the Autumn.

Please contact me by phone or email if you feel that you may be in a position to help.

Video Link:

27th June 2019

It has been some time since my last post on the News Page and for that I apologise.  We have had a very busy year settling in to our new home, getting through our second foaling and covering season and keeping all of the stallions in work with new riders whilst continuing to progress their education.  On top of all of this, I have been unwell for quite a while which has made progress all the more difficult.

I am delighted to say though that I am now well on the way to recovery and am utilising the time I now need for recuperation to update the website and spend time improving our photo galleries and updating all of the news!

Despite the glitches, we have had another outstanding foaling season and are absolutely delighted with the quality of the foals.  We now have eighteen mares scanned in for a very busy 2020 season and welcome any enquiries. We do still have three, possibly four of our 2019 foals available and a few youngsters with those now reserved or sold either leaving for foreign lands as well as some super UK based professional homes. All photos and slide shows have been updated for the foals and I will be updating the youngsters too. The May/June Gallery is in progress!

Paddy is now back in the Cotswolds with Frankie Price. Their first outing saw them bring home a win on a dressage score of 21 and a storming performance cross country and over the SJ. 

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Our final foal of 2019. To complete our wonderful rainbow of dilute colours this year, we have a very striking looking smokey black colt. Tall, correct and exceptionally handsome! Despite our unprecedented crop of fillies, we started with a stunning colt and end the season with one too!

By GFS Lord of the Dance, our young AES Graded stallion whose pedigree carries some exceptionally rare and desirable performance Russian Trakehner, Akhal Teke and TB bloodlines. This lovely colt is out of Neforia (KWPN) who is by San Remo and whose own maternal line is of exceptional dressage and showjumping provenance with her dam an Elite Dressage International horse and G.dam a G.Prix showjumper. We would very much hope that this young man will also prove to be a sensational competition prospect!

I will be posting updates of both this gorgeous colt and our last two fillies over the next couple of days. Suffice to say, we have been blessed with yet another incredible foaling season and our fields are adorned with a spectrum of colourful foals bursting with new life and vitality.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on our journey this year X

17th May 2019

At the very civilised hour of 10pm, we welcomed our penultimate 2019 arrival. Yet another filly, this time an absolutely spectacular buckskin blanket spot. We are certainly blessed with a very colourful paddock this year and could not be more thrilled with  so many foals of such evident quality and future potential.

This gorgeous girl is by GFS Fire and Ice and out of our beloved Pepper. I will be updating all of the other news later this week and adding many more photos and videos to the horses pages.

25th April 2019

With Spring now well and truly upon us and the sun starting to make a much longed for appearance, it is such a treat for both horses and humans alike to enjoy full turnout once again. Winter's 5am starts, the endless mucking out of stables, feeds and trips to the horse walker and indoor school for each individual horse for excercise and socialisation with their friends  seemed never ending!

We are most of the way through our foaling and have had some wonderful foals yet again with both our beautiful broodmares and marvellous stallions.  Only a few more to go and all others now back in foal for our last big commercial breeding season in 2020. 

From 2020 we will breed for our own enjoyment and to produce ourselves as becoming more of a rather wonderful hobby unless we find another glutton for punishment willing to take on the enormous work load of running of the stud to the level necessary to continue breeding horses of this quality and calibre!!!

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The website is now almost completely updated with lots of new photos, including a Spring Gallery photo album, 2019 Sales Page which will continue to be kept current with photos and video.  We are offering some very special youngsters this year, many of which I had previously intended to retain for either campaigning ourselves or as future breeding stock.  I still have a couple to add including a couple of in foal broodmares, a two year old colt and one of our amazing stallions.  We will also welcome enquiries regarding any of our stallions all of whom are potentially available for breeding lease to suitable homes where they will also be expected to be campaigned in competition and promoted at public stud.

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Lastly, I would like to ask that any owners of horses bred by myself over the past many years please contact me and send both news and photos of your GFS Horses for a new page on this website which will celebrate our breeding program and follow our special GFS bred horses. With each update I will pair their foal photos to see what amazing transformations they have made.  Thank you x

Here is GFS Moonlight Echo who in her first season at BE is looking to become a little superstar. Her second run yesterday saw her come first by quite some margin following her previous trip which would have been the same result were it not for a small navigational glitch at the end! 

She is now owned by Jackie Lancon and ridden by Sam Gillespie.

16th April 2019

I am absolutely delighted to announce that on the stroke of midnight we saw the safe arrival of yet another filly! This time we have a very tall and strong golden buckskin by GFS Fire and Ice. She is totally and utterly breathtakingly beautiful.

Her dam is Treloan Simply Red who is by Kings Composer and out of another of our very special mares, Treloan Tiger Lily (Amerigo Vespucci x Shaab).

I simply cannot wait to see this little lovely moving in the morning!

4th April 2019

At 2am this morning we welcomed our latest addition! Sahara (Treliver Decanter x Accondy/World Cup I) foals an absolutely exquisite palomino filly by GFS Lord of the Dance.  She is a lovely looking filly and very quick to find her feet, start feeding and before long was cavorting around the foaling box as though she had arrived days ago. Sahara, despite being a maiden has taken to motherhood like a duck to water and could not be prouder.

3rd April 2019

Here is our latest wonderful new arrival. Two nights on foal watch, a 5am check when doing the feeds and no more than twenty minutes in the house for a coffee...this is what was waiting when I came back having been summonsed by the urgent barks of my midwife in waiting - Domino our trusty yard dog who takes his job very seriously and is always sure to alert us to any problems or irregularity occuring!!

Welcome to the world little one. Another remarkably beautiful 2019 GFS filly (I don't think we have ever had so many fillies in one year!). She is a lovely tall, strong palomino out of our very special Deihaiwejo (Al Pacino W/Andiamo Z x Aiglon Rouge/Enrico) and by GFS Lord of the Dance.

This little darling is expected to reach a height of 17hh+ at maturity and looks like she is going to be rather a special young lady and this is looking more like one of those rare 'vintage' years by the moment!

We are due five more foals in the next few weeks with one due imminently.

I will continue to update the 2019 foals page with photos and video as they mature. 

26th March 2019

What a night...!

Last night saw the arrival of not just one but two little miracles!

At 10.45 Charisma foaled an absolutely breathtaking double dilute filly who was on her feet and feeding well within 30 minutes. Tall, very beautiful and absolutely correct.  This filly is built like the ultimate athlete with long, strong limbs, powerful hindquarters and a lovely shoulder.  This is our second GFS Lord of the Dance foal this year and he has yet again proven himself to be worthy of producing the type of offspring we strive to produce.

Within the hour, Treliver Delphine decided to get in on the act and foaled another filly. This time by GFS Fire and Ice, a simply enormous dark golden palomino blanket spot!

I have spent the past few days clicking away with my camera and will be spending some time uploading so many photos this week. Updates on all of the foals as they grow - the first two are three weeks today and are looking spectacular.  I have also been photographing the stallions as they have been schooling and hope to be publishing some lovely photos showing their progress.

GFS Fire and Ice has had the past two months on box rest since stepping down a rabbit hole but will today recommence his training which is something to look forward to and I will be posting updates on his progress.

We are anticipating the next two arrivals shortly with both Sahara and Treloan Simply red looking very close. These two foals are also by GFS Lord of the Dance and GFS Fire and Ice, so we could be expecting more unusual coat colours and or patterns!

March 6th 2019

And so it begins...the madness and the miracles of a typical breeding season!  Our first foal of 2019 and what a little humdinger! A rather impressive and particularly striking smokey black leopard spot colt by GFS Fire and Ice and out of Wantasia, our beloved Indoctro/Corland/Nimmerdor KWPN mare.

And another...!

Later this afternoon we saw the arrival of another little beauty. A tall, leggy and correct golden buckskin filly by GFS Lord of the Dance this time.  Despite her size, she was up on her feet in no time and running her dear dam (Hogwart/Chemintx/Lord Calletto) in circles.

More updates to come as we await the next foals due at the end of this month and beginning of April.

March 4th 2019

It has seemed to be a very long winter but with spring now approaching fast we are readying ourselves for the imminent arrival of  the 2019 GFS foals.  What a year it is going to be too!

We are opening our doors from this weekend and our very exciting 2019 Sales List will be published in the next few days.  I will also be posting some of the many photos taken over the past few months.

The youngsters as always have totally transfomed as they mature and we have thoroughly enjoyed spendin time with them, learning more of their characters and progressing their age appropriate training.

The stallions are all in work and and have developed further in their ridden work with the emphasis being very much on their flatwork and dressage training. To say we have been thrilled with their progress is an understatement, they have worked incredibly hard and the results have seen them grow in confidence when schooling, establishing their concentration, improving their balance and impulsion through each transition and learning some very impressive moves too!

Watch this space for the latest news on the foal front...shouldn't be too long now!

PS Latest 2019 Gallery photos are now published:

28th November 2018

We are now closed until February 2019

Another amazing year is now over here at GFS Sporthorses as we close for my annual escape to Australia!

I would like to thank everybody who has supported us throughout this most eventful year, to the wonderful new owners of so many of our young horses who left for pastures new and exciting futures.

We are now closed until February. I will not be available on my phone but will still receive emails.

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and look forward to a new year of adventures, fun and a very exciting foaling season!! 

9th October 2018

All the latest news...

September Photo Album has now been published to the page!

I cannot believe that so much time has passed since my last news update! The summer is all but a wonderful memory and as the nights start to close in and the temperature falls, I am already in mourning!

We had an exceptionally productive summer in many ways although it always feels as though every mountain climbed is only ever the beginning as there is always so much more to strive for.

As I have said in previous updates, we were absolutely blessed to have Emily Rix join us for the summer, she was absolutely inspirational in her relentless pursuit of giving the young stallions GFS Eskimo Jo and GFS Lord of the Dance such an excellent introduction to life back under saddle following their long holiday post starting last year.

Both boys took to pole work like ducks to water and no grid or pattern proved an issue with them working in a lovely balanced outline and maintaining rythmn and confidence. Lord of the Dance settled into his ridden routine easily and loved his work both in the school and hacking out and demonstrated a super attitude and axcellent trainability throughout. Eskimo Jo proved himself incredibly agile and more balanced than expected from such a huge youngster. He showed us some super paces and a lot of promise for the future, although he has some work yet to do in controlling his natural exuberance and focusing on the task at hand!

Paddy and Ice continued to work well and significant progress has been made by Paddy in tackling more technical questions when showjumping.

Although the younger boys are now on a short break until the beginning of December, we are thrilled to announce a new member to the GFS Team! Kirk Lovely will shortly be joining us at Moorview with his display horses and the stallions will be benefitting from classical dressage training over the winter months and beyond.  Although this is not the long term plan for all of them, they will learn an enormous amount about lightness, balance and working on their suppleness and concentration.

Kirk has already spent a week with all of the boys and is starting to work out their vastly differing characters and how best to work with them.  Currently it is Ice and Lord of the Dance who have proven absolute naturals at the 'dancing game' and shown themselves to possess the highly trainable minds, natural balance and attitude necessary for the education they wil be receiving although it is obviously early days and the two bigger boys are not looking too shabby either!

The foals are all maturing well and growing at an alarming rate. It will be weaning soon and time to say goodbye to some of these beautiful youngsters. We do still have the twins and rather handsome Byzantino available as well as a few really super yearlings and two year olds. Please feel free to contact us if you would like toarrange a viewing. We really should be making room as we prepare for a very big and bust foaling season starting in March 2019 with some very exciting new arrivals due!

30th August - The August GF Photo Album and Slideshow can now be viewed 

21st August 2018

All the latest news...

Well, there has been lot's going on recently.  Both GFS Lord of the Dance and GFS Eskimo Jo continue to improve daily under saddle. 'Django' has been working so well on the flat that he is now hacking our every day to build up his fitness levels, allow him to enjoy the benefits of ridden work out and about, experiencing fredom to see what is about and strengthening him for some jumping in the next few weeks.

'Mojo' is working very well in the school, he has mastered polework with greeat style and balance for such a big horse. We jumped to this phase in his training to keep his mind focused on the job and to learn to listen! He has not yet graduated to hacking out!!

Paddy is looking fantastic and his progress with both dressage preparation and jumping has been incredible. He has learned so much and he is loving his work so much.

Unfortunately Ice had a bad fall and really knocked himself about in July but having recuperated well in the paddock and under the care of some amazing professionals he is just coming back into work and raring to go! 

The website has been updated and recent photos and video footage are now available of the foals and youngsters remaining for sale.  We have said a sad farewell to both GFS Fantazia and GFS Xanadu.  Both have found themselves in fantastic homes and under the skilled work of our rider Emily Rix, left here prepared beautifully. 

Xanadu progressed so incredibly well with her jumping work and schooling that she has now gone to a home where she is being produced to event at the highest level! 

I shall continue to update the website and hopefully be posting news of Ice returning to full fitness and work under saddle by the end of this week.

We still have some absolutely fabulous youngsters for sale, all are so well handled, mannerly and of quite exceptional quality that should you be looking for a young horse or weaned foal it is probably well worth a visit to see us soon!

12th August 2018

A very belated News Catch up!

It has been over a month since I have updated the website!! There has been no other reason than we have been flat out decorating our new home, landscaping, enjoying a constant stream of very welcome visitors and above all working very hard with the horses!

We are absolutely blessed to have been introduced to the amazing Emily Rix earlier this summer as hopes were fading in finding a rider both talented enough and versatile enough for the challenging role of continuing the education of so many young horses! Emily is both local and one of the most natural and instinctive riders that I have met, she has done the most incredible job in bringing the ridden horses back into work after such a long rest and furthered their education out of sight.

necessary to get the best out of every horse she has ridden here.

Emily has been working with the four stallions as well as several others here daily and carefully re-introduced the two four year old junior stallions to ridden work. None of the horses had been ridden due to a lack of a suitable rider since our move and both GFS Lord of the Dance (Django) and GFS Eskimo Jo (Mojo) had done nothing since a very brief boot camp as three year olds with the extraordinarily horsewoaman Frankie Price last Autumn where they were given a super start to their education.

Both these youngsters have been brought back into work by Emily these past couple of weeks and despite not always being as easy as they might have been. Emily has got them working absolutely beautifully with her kind calm confidence and ability to adapt to their different characters and the differing communiction methods 

There are plenty of photos of the boys under saddle on their pages taken last week!

The July 2018 Photo Album

Youtube video thumbnail

3rd July 2018

A remarkably rare opportunity has come up to purchase an exceptionally rare 2016 filly! I have had my suspicions for some time but having colour tested her for a spotted coat pattern I can confirm that the double dilute GFS Pandora carries the Lp gene. This makes her the fourth double dilute spotted warmblood that we have bred here at GFS sporthorses and very possibly the only double dilute warmblood filly currently registered.

I am no longer intentionally breeding for spotted coats and so am very sadly offering this very beautiful, tall and athletic girl for sale. She has a faultless temperament and is a delight to handle in every way. Expected height at maturity will be approx 16.2hh and her bloodlines make her a very interesting prospect for a future in eventing or as a broodmare for breeders of quality spotted sporthorses of dilute colouring and good performance potential. 

Please feel free to contact me regarding this special girl should she be of interest!