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GFS Foals 2021

We are expecting twenty foals in 2021, probably commencing from the end of February although our first three are officially all due on 3rd March, a month when we are expecting seven in total!

   It will be our biggest and most ambitious year to date but with some incredibly exciting foals due and plans to retain up to half of the foals, this huge undertaking will be a one off and foals from 2022 will be vastly reduced in number as we start to enjoy more of a competitive direction for the horses we breed.

Please register your interest if their is something that catches your eye, I cannot guarantee that it will be available but it will certainly put you ahead in the queue!  

NO foal will be offered for sale until it is at least two months old as before this time it is quite impossible to assess it and this is something we do very carefully. 

Please also note, we breed  not only for conformation, temperament, performance and staggeringly good looks, all of which I believe are evident! We have also built a reputation for breeding the larger sport horse.  Our stallions are 16.3hh and above, our mares are of similar type and all between 16hh - 17.3hh. They are mostly all proven to throw tall offspring.  We do not foresee any arrivals standing less than 16.1hh at maturity, some will be considerably taller.

Mares and stallions are Graded and all our foals are eligible for numerous full Stud Book Registration.  We do however Register our foals with the Anglo European Studbook with the all important WFSH affiliation.

At One week old

First Week