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GFS Foals Expected in 2020

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GFS Fire and Ice x Costa Brava 

27th February 2020

GFS ...............

I am incredibly excited about our first 2020 foal.  It will not only have absolutely fabulous breeding for eventing but with both dam and sire having both the jump and exceptional movement this will be a fantastic prospect for any discipline.  

Costa is a Graded Hanovarian mare with the kindest nature and a proven showjumper by Contendro I out of a Western Star mare.

I can guarantee a sensational temperament and attitude as well as a very beautiful head.  Colour will be dilute with a 50% chance of a spotted coat pattern!

This foal will be for sale.

GFS Lord of the Dance x Liosin Lux

23rd March 2020

GFS ............

This foal will be a corker! 'Destiny' is a superb ISH broodmare who has proven herself time and again as a mare who produces outstanding offspring. She is the dam of our own Paddy of Liosin, Grandmother to GFS Eskimo Jo and numerous other exceptional young horses including the twins born here in 2018 who despite their dubious survival chances both thrived and have both gone to homes where they will be produced to compete.

This foal will be both tall as she throws big offspring and if her past foals are anything to go by, they will be not only very beautiful but tremendous prospects in any of the three disciplines with beautiful heads, fantastic attitudes to work and wonderful natures.

A colt will be for sale.

GFS Lord of the Dance x Brona 

28th March 2020

GFS ........

This will be another very tall horse at maturity! 'Whisper' as we call her is a very athletic mare with a golden nature.  I have owned her from a foal and she has matured into a kind, gentle horse with a phenomenal gallop. Perhaps not the most amazing mover herself, she throws very tall foals who to date have all moved with huge expression and elasticity. They are big bold characters and have all been very beautiful. Whisper is by Crown's Ace of Pearl a very useful allrounder with a fantastic temperament whose sire jumped to GP SJ.  Whisper 50% TB being out of a Hubbly Bubbly sired dam and I would consider her foals bred to event. The pairing with 'Django' will ensure a high % of blood ensuring that there is no loss of the gallop, stamina and speed.  Django always throws youngsters with wonderful big paces showing no lack of the type of expression and style that would make anyone look twice!

There is also a possibility that this foal may be double dilute.

Will probably be for Sale to a competition home.

GFS Fire and Ice x Treliver Delphine

31st March 2020

GFS ..................

Sadly we will not be meeting this exciting foal ourselves as Delphi has been sold to the US in foal to Ice.  We are very much looking forward to hearing of it's safe arrival at Top Hat Equestrian next March and have no doubt that her foal will be as sensational as this years exceptional filly who will also be joining her dam in Florida!

Delphi throws huge foals with simply incredible natures and an abundance of energy and athleticism. They would excel as either jumpers or dressage horses and are always heartbreakingly beautiful.

We wish her new owners all the luck in the world with this special GFS baby.

GFS Lord of the Dance x Treloan Tiger Lily

2nd April 2020

GFS ........

This is one of my absolute favourite mares.  She is the sweetest natured horse with such intelligence and a willingness to please that is quite humbling.  She has exceptionally nice movement and a super jump. Bred to event she is by Ameriggo Vespucci and out of a mare by the incredible Shaab a TB stallion renowned for his amazing temperament and eventing progeny.

Lily's offspring are always tall, and to date have been blessed with her golden nature and exceptionally good looks.

Her last two foals are in professional homes and will be produced as future eventers.

This foal will possibly be for sale.

GFS Eskimo Jo x It's Magic

6th April 2020

I cannot wait to meet this foal!  We did not breed from 'Mojo' last year as he needed to concentrate on working politely with us and having had a couple of trial foals the previous year, I could not decide on the right mares to breed from to achieve what I wanted to breed.  This year is in that respect a bit more trial and error but I have used two of my proven showjumping mares, It's Magic being the first.

'Madge' always throws incredibly beautiful offspring who are very fast on their feet, beautifully balanced and big, expressive movers. They have magical temperaments and are very willing and motivated.  I have a strong feeling that this pairing is going to produce a very useful jumper with  power, speed, huge presence and a fantastic work ethic.

GFS Eskimo Jo is a massive 18hh who is only five years old and still very much growing into his huge skeleton and not nearly at full strength. We are taking him slowly but his current aptitude towards work is exemplary and he shows not only a willing intelligence but also enormous balance for one so big.  He is the class clown and a handful at times but the moment his tack is on he is all concentration, heart and effort. He is relaxed in his work and a delight under saddle.

This foal is quite likely to be a very exciting jumping prospect!

GFS Eskimo Jo x Sahara

13th April 2020

GFS ........

Here is another GFS Eskimo Jo foal to be!

This time I have used a very tall, elegant blood type mare who demonstrates a really fantastic trot and a very fast gallop.  She is by Treliver Decanter and out of an Elite Graded SH(GB) mare by the Saddlers Wells bred stallion Accondy.  Her dam sire is World Cup, the GP dressage stallion and sire of many top dressage horses.  Sahara is a lighter type mare who looks very similar in type to her TB ancestry and I believe she will benefit from the infusion of body and power that 'Mojo' will bring to the party.  I am hoping for a big bodied foal with the legs, speed and stamina of her TB ancestry with the movement and dressage capability of her sire and G.Sire with the phenomenal jumping ability of  'Mojo's' impressive ancestry. 

I am hoping to breed as ever a horse that would be capable of any job but who would show real talent as an eventer in time. I know this foal will be tall and beautiful but I am hoping it will be talented too!

There is a possibility that this foal may be any colour including double dilute!

Possibly for Sale 

GFS Lord of the Dance x Wantasia

25th April 2020

This broodmare is worth her weight in gold!  She has thrown me foal after foal of such quality regardless of which stallion I have used.  Every one has been quite exceptional and I have been heartbroken to part with each one!

'Shadow' is by the incredible jumping stallion Indoctro, her dam lines are also impeccable.  She has a wonderful character and is a very special horse indeed.

This will be the first time that we have used 'Django' on her and we never used his sire Destello either.  I have chosen GFS Lord of the Dance this time because I believe that they will be a match made in heaven in producing a very talented eventing prospect. 

Both of these horses pass on their lovely movement, they are both sensitive horses with immense bravery and a natural predisposition to please.  They both show great stamina and enormous athleticism and if their offspring shows even a small percentage of their natural talent and desire to please it will be a very special horse!

GFS Fire and Ice x Deihaiwejo

5th May 2020

I chose to use GFS Fire and Ice over 'Inca' this year because I have had two foals from this pairing and they were both everything I had hoped they would be.  Tall, powerfully built with beautiful heads, lovely attitudes with a natural grace and gentle energy.

Inca's foals have always been the type to suit anybody.  They are naturally sensible, bold, inquisitive and very gentle. They inherit her serene nature and willingness to do what is asked of them.

This foal will be tall and very beautiful. It will be dilute and also have a 50% chance of a spotted coat pattern.

Inca is by the International GP showjumper Al Pacino W and her dam also competed at GP was sired y Aiglon Rouge, half brother to Quidam de Revel.  Inca came to me as four year old following a terrible accident that ruled her out of any type of ridden career.

I would hope that this foal will have a talent for jumping and plenty of ability and I can guarantee that it will be big, beautiful and a delight to work with.

GFS Fire and Ice x Athena

22nd May 2020

This is another repeat breeding.  'Pepper's' filly foal this year was absolutely sensational. Massively athletic and displaying superb balance and a wonderful nature with plenty of character and a lovely attitude. A born eventing prospect!

Pepper herself is out of a Graded and very rare pure bred Kinsky warmblood mare. The Kinsky's are renowned for their great natures and ability to turn a hoof to virtually any discipline.  Throughout their history this is a breed who has excelled in all sport from Steeplechasing (this was a breed that dominated the famed Grand Pardubice ('the Devils race' in the now Czech Republic. This was a death defying race notorious for its vast obstacles and stamina sapping ploughed fields. The Kinsky horse's versatility has seen them compete with great success in the fields of showjumping, dressage, endurance, carriage driving and eventing. They are the ultimate all rounder.  Pepper has a fantastic nature and I have no doubt if we had ever put her under saddle she would have proven equally as impressive in her multitude of talents as her ancestors. However as a very accident prone young horse and one who arrived with us as a foal in a very bad way, she has been given a pass to thoroughly enjoy her eternal youth roaming the paddocks and being a very special member of the family, producing beautiful foals with her glorious nature and otherwise being adored by all who meet her. 

GFS Lord of the Dance x Folly's Rock

25th May 2020

GFS .........

This foal is going to be incredibly special.  I had retired Folly following the birth of her 2017 filly and full sister to GFS Fire and Ice.  However Folly has missed motherhood and mourned not having her own. She gazes longingly at all of the other mares foals and as she is still so strong, fit and full of beans I decided to put her in foal!

Folly is by the legendary eventing stallion and sire of many more, Rock King and her dam sire Bohemond is a progenitor of exceptional eventing offspring also.

A missed opportunity to prove herself as an eventer due to a misdiagnosed injury as a young up and coming eventing prospect has been very much my gain with this wonderful character joining the family.  Folly had already had two premium Graded foals before I bought her and her offspring have remained superb examples of her quality and athletic ability.  She is a Weatherby's registered  NTR mare with a splash of Connemara preventing her from being all blood. This has given her the beautiful buckskin coat, an abundance of mane and tail as well as a tough, no nonsense attitude of bravery and toughness.  She is very much her own person but adores her people and has th biggest, kindest heart.

This foal will be amazing.  These two horses compliment each other perfectly and 'Django's speed, stamina and hot blood ancestry combined with Folly's sheer power, pedigree and the combined bravery of the two will almost certainly ensure a tremendous athlete. 

GFS Lord of the Dance x Treloan Simply Red

5th June 2020 

This is another exciting eventing prospect and I for one am very much looking forward to this one's arrival.

As everyone knows I absolutely adore Treloan Tiger Lily so when I was kindly offered her daughter by Kings Composer last year I absolutely could not believe my good fortune.  She is so like Lily in her serene and generous nature and utterly stunning looks.

Her foal this year by GFS Fire and Ice has been retained and I see no loss of quality and athletic class in the third generation as the first! This is a damline that you could put a donkey too and still get a fantastic result.  Each of these mares have consistently produced superb foals from a variety of stallions, passing on their beauty, impeccable temperaments and natural athleticism.

This will be another foal with a high percentage of blood and eminently suitable for the sport of eventing.  It is also guaranteed to be incredibly attractive as well as being likely to be a palomino!

GFS Fire and Ice x Who's Joker

13th June 2020

Lola is an ISH by the International GP showjumping, US based stallion Osilvis. whose offspring have consistently risen up the ranks of showjumping and USHJA in Hunter Derby.

Her damsire Slyguff Joker has produced offspring successful in both showjumping and eventing and in turn by the legendary Irish Draft jumping stallion King of Diamonds. She carries 50% blood and her last foal was sold to a professional eventing family.

Lola is a lovely mare who has competed successfully eventing and proved herself very handy over tough hunting country. Retired due to injury she has proven a great asset to the Stud with fantastic offspring and a nature that makes her a joy to be around.

I feel that this foal is going to be a super all rounder who would be a talent in any disciplines. Both dam and sire have huge jumps, a lot of power and very nice paces. They are kind, willing horses with lovely attitudes and there is no reason to think their foal will be any different.

This foal is highly likely to be suitable for anyone looking for a fun, straightforward and talented horse whom could be produced for either showjumping or eventing and possibly anything in between!


GFS Lord of the Dance x Neforia ZB

18th June 2020

This will be our third GFS Lord of the Dance and Neforia foal with very good reason!  This pairing has produced two exceptional foals.  Now I am not saying they are not a little sharp and super intelligent but my heaves they are poetry in motion!

For the serious amateur or professional the full brother and sister to this foal are absolutely stunning.  They are as fast as lightning, a joy to watch float across the arena and without a doubt balanced and brave enough to tackle any cross country course with the right training.

As with their dam they seem to be one person horses who thrive on developing a trusting one on one relationship. Fortunately, both previous foals are with professionals who will certainly be producing them and nurturing their precocious talent.

Neforia is a Graded Ster KWPN mare by the dressage stallion San Remo, campaigned by Edward Gall and whose female progeny number more than seven Ster Preferent. 

Her damline is exceptional, her dam having been an Elite GP dressage mare by Haarlem.

This foal will be a very interesting an exciting prospect for someone interested in excelling in either dressage or eventing and looking for a partner of a lifetime with which to foster an extraordinary relationship.

GFS Eskimo Jo x Zievdent

5th July 2020

Izzy as we know her is a KWPN mare who only deigns to gift us a foal very occasionally and is a troublesome and frustrating mare to get in foal! However, the two foals she has had to date have been something really quite special indeed!

They have been almost identical palominos from two different stallions and both were staggeringly beautiful with movement you could usually only dream of with a fleetness of foot, incredible balance and feet that barely touch the ground.  Her foals are born athletes, extroverts with fantastic characters, super temperaments with a keen intelligence and motivated work ethic.  Her first filly, GFS Moonlight Echo was by our own GFS Diamond Echo who we sold as a three year old.  As a five year old this year she has already earned 68 Foundation Points British Eventing and blitzed all competition to have qualified for the 2019 Young Horse Championships at Osberton.  Her second filly by GFS Lord of the Dance was rapidly snapped up by the same owner in the confident hope that she is very much cut from the same cloth!  This is almost certainly a breeding that I will repeat next year but this time I wanted to use GFS Eskimo Jo.

Both Izzy and Mojo have exceptional jumping pedigrees and I felt that Mojo would suit Izzy beautifully in producing a very exciting showjumping prospect.

Izzy is by the super GP showjumping stallion Karandasj, a stallion renowned for both his jumping ability and rideability. A top WBFSH ranked sire of both eventers and showjumpers.

Izzy's dam was an International GP  dressage mare with a fascinating amalgamation of both dressage and showjumping bloodlines and by the KWPN stallion Hofnar.  This is a very strong motherline and it has shone through in her offspring to date.

This breeding is an experiment but one in which I feel optimistic that something very special may be in the making! 

I will possibly be retaining this foal.

GFS Lord of the Dance x Charisma

10th July 2020

This will be our final 2020 foal and if the past two from the same breeding are anything to go by this is likely to be another very special foal.

Charisma's first foal GFS Mikado had been retained to stand as a potential future stallion here but due to a change of plan, he has been sold and is heading to the US to represent the GFS breeding program for Top Hat Equestrian in Florida. Her 2019 foal and full sister will be going up to Scotland to be produced as a dressage prospect.

Charisma is a Westphalian registered mare by the eventing Trakehner stallion Camaro. Her dam is a Kinsky warmblood mare and product of a dedicated breeding program initiated by Count Kinsky in developing a horse of enormous versatility and outstanding temperaments. This breed has excelled over the past century in almost all disciplines with great aplomb but their true purpose and original forte was as steeplechasers extraordinaire. They have as a breed had great success in the 'Devil's Race' the Grand Pardubice in the now Czech Republic.

This foal has been bred will the sole intention of breeding a very exciting eventing prospect. Charisma and 'Django's foals to date are born gallopers, they are fast and love to jump anything in their path, they move with exceptional style and energy and each have demonstrated enormous bravery and calm natures or highly sociable characteristics.  

I will almost certainly be retaining this foal to produce as a future eventer.