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GFS Foals 2020

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A few of the 2020 foals 

Prices from £4500 - £7000

GFS Whoopsiedaisy & GFS Peekaboo!

25th February 2020

GFS Lord of the Dance x Olympic Lux/Ruille Buille

Buckskin filly and buckskin colt

For Sale - Please enquire for price

This foal will be a corker - 

Oh good heavens...we have two!! 

I cannot actually believe I am making this announcement once again!  Despite having been scanned carefully following her 2018 twins, Destiny has once again carried a multiple pregnancy to full term and produced two exquisite buckskin foals, a filly and a colt.

These two are full of fun, brimming with good health and fiesty little characters with all the moves and charm enough to melt any heart.

The filly has the larger blaze!

'Destiny' is a superb ISH broodmare by Olympic Lux, a prolific show jumping stallion by Luz Z who competed at the Sydney 2000 olympics. This is a mare who has proven herself time and again as a mare who produces outstanding offspring. She is the dam of our own Paddy of Liosin, Grandmother to GFS Eskimo Jo and numerous other exceptional young horses including the twins born here in 2018 who despite their dubious survival chances both thrived and have both gone to homes where they will be produced to compete.

The twins sire is of course our sensational cremello homebred stallion GFS Lord of the Dance who is a rare amalgamation of Akhal Teke, Russian Trakehner and Thoroughbred, making him a superb prospect as an eventing sire. 

These two huge characters are a joy to have around, they are massive personalities and just such fun young horses to have around.  They are both incredibly intelligent and very bold.  Quick to learn and exceptionally people orientated,  they are also fantastic movers and athletes blessed with both speed and cat like agility.  Their balance is exceptional and their bravery in no doubt.

These two love everybody and always want to be involved with whatever is going on.  The filly with the bigger blaze and who is currently slightly taller is a calm, relaxed and curious girl who takes everything with an easy good nature and relaxed attitude.  She moves beautifully.  Her brother is equally charming company but a little more cheeky.  He has the heart of a lion and the speed of the wind.  Whether playing or competing with his sister for attention, he is all about heart and soul.  They both love attention and thoroughly enjoy learning all new lessons  as taught with a stoic concentration and quick intelligence.

The twins first week

Twins at one month

GFS Amazing Grace

GFS Lord of the Dance x Whisper 

1st March 2020

Palomino filly

To make 16.3hh +



This will be a tall horse at maturity! 

This filly is absolutely sensational and I could not have hoped for better.  Tall, perfectly formed, stunningly attractive and what a fabulous brain and attitude!  Fair to say, we are all a little but smitten!  She has just started to explore and wander out a little with her beautiful mum and I have to say, her movement, bravery and sheer raw athleticism left me astounded.  Her flexibility, balance and agility is exceptional and I have seen a lot of foals in their first few days!

The Lord of the Dance/Whisper genetic marriage is one we will be sure to replicate time and again, it is hard to improve on perfect!

'Whisper' as we call her is a very athletic mare with a golden nature. I have owned her from a foal and she has matured into a kind, gentle horse with a phenomenal gallop. a big elegant mver, she throws very tall foals who to date have all moved with huge expression and elasticity. They are friendly and bold characters and have all been exceptionally beautiful.

Whisper is by Crown's Ace of Pearl a very useful allrounder with a great record showjumping, eventing and in the dressage arena. He has a fantastic temperament and his sire jumped to GP SJ. Whisper 50% TB being out of a Hubbly Bubbly sired dam and I would consider her foals bred to event. The pairing with 'Django' will ensure a high % of blood ensuring that there is no loss of the gallop, stamina and speed. Django always throws youngsters with wonderful big paces showing no lack of the type of expression and style that would make anyone look twice!

6th June 2020

GFS Amazing Grace

GFS Fire and Ice x Treliver Delphine

Will be a USA arrival!

GFS Believe in Magick

He has arrived!  A huge and remarkably handsome palomino colt!  More updates as they arrive but both Delphi and this US arrival are doing well.

Sadly we will not be meeting this exciting foal ourselves as Delphi has been sold to the US in foal to Ice.  We are very much looking forward to hearing of it's safe arrival at Top Hat Equestrian next March and have no doubt that her foal will be as sensational as this years exceptional filly who will also be joining her dam in Florida!

Delphi throws huge foals with simply incredible natures and an abundance of energy and athleticism. They would excel as either jumpers or dressage horses and are always heartbreakingly beautiful.

We wish her new owners all the luck in the world with this special GFS baby.

GFS Wishful Thinking

GFS Lord of the Dance x Treloan Tiger Lily

5th March 2020

Palomino filly to make 16.3 -17hh


Another absolutely perfect filly.

Tall, incredibly feminine and beautifully put together, this utterly stunning foal is going to be as breathtaking as Lily's previous foals.  She has almost duplicate markings as her dam and will be a deep golden palomino as her true coat emerges this summer.  She clearly has a superb temperament and is already curious and friendly.

By our own GFS Lord of the Dance, this filly will have speed, style, stamina and a generosity of spirit if she is true to her genetic heritage.

This is one of my absolute favourite mares.  She is the sweetest natured horse with such intelligence and a willingness to please that is quite humbling.  She has exceptionally nice movement and a super jump. Bred to event she is by Ameriggo Vespucci and out of a mare by the incredible Shaab a TB stallion renowned for his amazing temperament and eventing progeny. 

Lily's offspring are always tall, and to date have been blessed with her golden nature and exceptionally good looks.

Her last two foals are in professional homes and will be produced as future eventers.

GFS Wishful Thinking

GFS Talismanic

Eskimo Jo x It's Magic

12th March 2020

Buckskin colt to make 16.2hh minimum



What a super colt we have been presented with, I could not be more delighted.  This foal is something very special and what a beauty.

He is very tall with beautifully long, strong and correct legs and the face of an angel!

He is a huge character and was whinnying as he arrived, heralding his entry into the world.  

I could not wait to meet this foal and I have not been disappointed!  We did not breed from 'Mojo' last year as he needed to concentrate on working politely with us and having had a couple of trial foals the previous year, I could not decide on the right mares to breed from to achieve what I wanted to breed.  I have used two of my proven showjumping mares and a very special dual purpose mare. It's Magic being the first to foal..

'Madge' was retired from an impressive showjumping career and always throws incredibly beautiful offspring who are very fast on their feet, beautifully balanced and big, expressive movers. They have magical temperaments and are very willing and motivated.  I have a strong feeling that this pairing is going to produce a very useful jumper with  power, speed, huge presence and a fantastic work ethic.

GFS Eskimo Jo is a massive 18hh , with exceptinal jumping bloodlines, he is only six years old and still very much growing into his huge skeleton and not nearly at full strength. We are taking him slowly but his current aptitude towards work is exemplary and he shows not only a willing intelligence but also enormous balance for one so big.  He is the class clown and a handful at times but the moment his tack is on he is all concentration, heart and effort. He is relaxed in his work and a delight under saddle.

This foal is quite likely to be a very exciting jumping prospect!

At three months

GFS Kalahari 

GFS Eskimo Jo x Sahara

19th March 2020


Here is another GFS Eskimo Jo foal and it seems the boy is going to be quite some sire if this yers foals are to be the benchmark!

This really lovely looking bay colt has enormous presence and absolutely super conformation with all the obvious attributes of a real athlete.  He has a highly attractive head and moves absolutely beautifully without looking over the top like a hackney pony! I see a really exciting future eventing prospect in this fellow.

With this breeding I have used a very tall, elegant blood type mare who demonstrates a really fantastic trot and a very fast gallop.  She is by Treliver Decanter and out of an Elite Graded SH(GB) mare by the Saddlers Wells bred stallion Accondy.  Her dam sire is World Cup, the GP dressage stallion and sire of many top dressage horses.  Sahara is a lighter type mare who looks very similar in type to her TB ancestry and as I believed, she has benefitted from the infusion of body and power that 'Mojo' has brought to the party.  As I had hoped, this is a big bodied foal with the legs, speed and stamina of her TB ancestry with the movement and dressage capability of her sire and G.Sire with the phenomenal jumping ability of  'Mojo's' impressive ancestry. 

I always try to breed as ever a horse that would be capable of any job but who would show real talent as an eventer in time. I know this foal will be an amazing horse and  I am hoping he will be talented too!

GFS Kalahari

GFS Kalahari at three months - slideshow

GFS Kalahari at three months - video

GFS Arabesque

GFS Lord of the Dance x Wantasia

28th March 2020


This broodmare is worth her weight in gold!  She has thrown me foal after foal of such quality regardless of which stallion I have used.  Every one has been quite exceptional and I have been heartbroken to part with each one!

'Shadow' is by the incredible jumping stallion Indoctro, her dam lines are also impeccable.  She has a wonderful character and is a very special horse indeed.

This will be the first time that we have used 'Django' on her and we never used his sire Destello either.  I have chosen GFS Lord of the Dance this time because I believe that they will be a match made in heaven in producing a very talented eventing prospect. 

Both of these horses pass on their lovely movement, they are both sensitive horses with immense bravery and a natural predisposition to please.  They both show great stamina and enormous athleticism and if their offspring shows even a small percentage of their natural talent and desire to please this will be a very special horse!

This absolutely breathtaking smoky black filly is possibly the tallest foal we have ever welcomed to the world and it took poor 'Shadow' quite some effort!  

She is exquisite and actually the smoky black filly I had always secretly hoped for from this mare.  She has superb conformation with a lovely compact body on long, strong legs made for galloping. Her head is simply beautiful and her attitude is a dream come true.  She was vocal from almost her first breath and a really relaxed, sociable and friendly little lady from the beginning.  She is curious, bold and very switched on.

It is always fascinating for me to see the foals turned out in the school for the first time as having done this for so many years and having watched so many, so closely over the years I find it very telling!  This little darling did not disappoint, as I expected she has talent by the bucket load in her movement, balance, huge exuberance and big brave attitude.  

I just adore her and cannot wait to watch her grow up into the horse I am certain she will become! 

Shadow's Filly, first three days

GFS RocketMan

GFS Lord of the Dance x Folly's Rock

22nd May 2020

Buckskin colt


This foal is incredibly special.  A huge silvery buckskin with a huge, athletic frame and the most charming personality.  He is simply special.

I had retired Folly following the birth of her 2017 filly and full sister to GFS Fire and Ice.  However Folly has missed motherhood and mourned not having her own. She gazes longingly at all of the other mares foals and as she is still so strong, fit and full of beans I decided to put her in foal!

Folly is by the legendary eventing stallion and sire of many more, Rock King and her dam sire Bohemond is a progenitor of exceptional eventing offspring also.

A missed opportunity to prove herself as an eventer due to a misdiagnosed injury as a young up and coming eventing prospect has been very much my gain with this wonderful character joining the family.  Folly had already had two premium Graded foals before I bought her and her offspring have remained superb examples of her quality and athletic ability.  She is a Weatherby's registered  NTR mare with a splash of Connemara preventing her from being all blood. This has given her the beautiful buckskin coat, an abundance of mane and tail as well as a tough, no nonsense attitude of bravery and toughness.  She is very much her own person but adores her people and has the biggest, kindest heart.

This foal is a perfect amalgamation of two horses bred very much for power, stamina, bravery and heart. It should almost certainly ensure this special fellow will be a tremendous athlete. 

GFS RocketMan

GFS Rocketman - A week old

GFS Rocket man at five weeks

GFS Firefly

GFS Fire and Ice x Athena

26th April 2020 


 'Pepper's' filly foal this is absolutely sensational. Massively athletic and displaying superb balance and a wonderful nature with plenty of character and a lovely attitude. She is one of those horses that simply appears to  float with each and every step, she is incredibly elegant and looks to be a born eventing prospect!

Pepper herself is out of a Graded and very rare pure bred Kinsky warmblood mare. The Kinsky's are renowned for their great natures and ability to turn a hoof to virtually any discipline.  Throughout their history this is a breed who has excelled in all sport from Steeplechasing (this was a breed that dominated the famed Grand Pardubice ('the Devils race' in the now Czech Republic. This was a death defying race notorious for its vast obstacles and stamina sapping ploughed fields. The Kinsky horse's versatility has seen them compete with great success in the fields of showjumping, dressage, endurance, carriage driving and eventing. They are the ultimate all rounder.  Pepper has a fantastic nature and I have no doubt if we had ever put her under saddle she would have proven equally as impressive in her multitude of talents as her ancestors. However as a very accident prone young horse and one who arrived with us as a foal in a very bad way, she has been given a pass to thoroughly enjoy her eternal youth roaming the paddocks and being a very special member of the family, producing beautiful foals with her glorious nature and otherwise being adored by all who meet her. 

From Two days to Two weeks

GFS DragonHeart

GFS Lord of the Dance x Treloan Simply Red

 13th May 2020 

As everyone knows I absolutely adore Treloan Tiger Lily so when I was kindly offered her daughter by Kings Composer a couple of years ago I  absolutely could not believe my good fortune.  She is so like Lily in her serene and generous nature and utterly stunning looks.

Her foal in 2020 by GFS Fire and Ice has been retained and I see no loss of quality and athletic class in the third generation as the first! This is a damline that you could put a donkey too and still get a fantastic result.  Each of these mares have consistently produced superb foals from a variety of stallions, passing on their beauty, impeccable temperaments and natural athleticism.

This will be another foal with a high percentage of blood and eminently suitable for the sport of eventing.  It is also a bloodline that guarantees offspring both incredibly attractive and highly trainable with incredible temperaments and an innate willingness to please.

Update....A tribute to my beautiful girl who we tragically lost during foaling.

This is a story of two parts really and like many a tale, there is tragedy, hope and the promise of such a special ending that the heartache and the sorrowful journey almost makes sense.

Please let me introduce you to this little 'phoenix'. From the ashes of despair and terrible loss, this golden colt has risen and reminded us of the wonder of a new day.

On Thursday night as my beautiful Treloan Simply Red lay down to foal, it quickly became apparent that something was terribly wrong. As veterans of so very many foaling scenarios over the years and a lifetimes experience of all type of livestock midwifery at hand, it was rapidly obvious that saving the foal who was presenting upside down was going to be the best case scenario, if highly unlikely.

It is a tribute to the exceptional skills of Brian Smith who against all odds managed to guide him into the world with a steely determination and the angels on side, our incredible vets who arrived at speed, in force and with typical efficiency, that my beautiful lady left this world with dignity. Before the shock and adrenalin of her ordeal wore off, she had a brief opportunity to welcome her little man with clear delight and the unadulterated pride and love that is the gift of a mother.

I count the many blessings that have arisen from this devastation even as it felt that my heart was splintering into a thousand tiny pieces.

I had the opportunity to spend a part of my life with a mare who gave nothing but love. A sweet, special soul with an immense generosity of spirit and genuine kindness. She was the daughter of my beloved Treloan Tiger Lily and was an integral part of our bigger animal family that encompasses so many wonderful characters, past and present who continue to make our lives such a huge adventure each day.

Treloan Simply Red has left a huge legacy as well as a hole in our hearts. Her tall, proud son, gilded in a coat of gleaming gold is simply perfection. He has the spirit of a fighter and the heart of a lion, a special gift left by our departing friend who will forever be missed and always remembered with such deep affection.

Sleep peacefully my beautiful girl. Make sure you are watching from that special place because we will make you proud x

Despite the tragedy that marked this marvellous young man's arrival to the world, his precious life also represents a very special legacy.

This fantastic colt continues the impeccable record of his beautiful dam and his grand dam of producing absolutely superb, conformationally ideal and ahtletically blessed.  I am always exceptionally particular about breeding from horses with faultless temperaments a calm intelligence that lends itself to high trainability and strong work ethic.  These bloodlines epitomise these qualities and so it can be seen in this foal.

It is early days, but I see massive potential in this colt already.  His huge, elastic and gymnastic ability to cover the ground with graceful, bounding leaps on his strong, long legs with grace and balance in abundance.

He is of high percentage blood and will doubtless make a superb potential eventer in the years to come and there is little doubt that this stunning animal will draw every eye he passes!

GFS DragonHeart

GFS Appassionato

GFS Lord of the Dance x Neforia ZB

19th May 2020

Palomino Colt to make 16.2hh

This will is our third GFS Lord of the Dance and Neforia foal with very good reason!  This pairing has produced two exceptional foals to date, one with a professional eventer and the other purchased by a fellow breeder in the US to be professionally produced

These foals all share an exceptional beauty and a natural presence that cannot help but draw admiring glances. They tend to be  super intelligent, powerful, fast and fluid through all paces; utter poetry in motion!

For the serious amateur or professional the horses from this breeding are bursting with talent and the type of sensitivity that make them completely in tune with their riders and a keen wish to bond with those they trust. 

They are as fast as lightning, a joy to watch float across the arena and without a doubt balanced and brave enough to tackle any cross country course with the right training or indeed any other equestrian disciple where  talent, willingness to perform and style are requisite.

As with their dam and to an extent their sire, they tend to be one person horses who thrive on developing a true one on one relationship.

Neforia is a Graded Ster KWPN mare by the dressage stallion San Remo, campaigned by Edward Gall and whose female progeny number more than seven Ster Preferent.

Her damline is exceptional, her dam is an an Elite GP dressage mare by Haarlem.

This foal will be a very interesting an exciting prospect for someone interested in excelling in either dressage or eventing and looking for a partner of a lifetime with which to foster an extraordinary relationship.

This colt is a really super future prospect either as a dressage horse or a really exciting eventer.  He is demonstrating a spectacular trot and a lightness of movement over the ground that is a joy to watch.  He is a calm, curious character with a bold outlook and sociable nature.

GFS Many Blessings

GFS Eskimo Jo x Zievdent

4th June 2020

Chestnut filly 


It is with great excitement and a degree of relief that I can happily announce both the arrival of this magnificent chestnut filly and the final curtain call for the end of our 2020 foaling season.

This beautiful red head is by GFS Eskimo Jo and of course out of 'Izzy' or Zievident as she is registered with the KWPN. There is some serious jumping talent to be found in this filly's pedigree and Izzy is of course the dam of the eventing 'wonderchild' GFS Moonlight Echo and GFS Rapunzel who are both in a professional eventers yard being aimed for the top end of the sport! 

This filly is an absolute showstopper. She is full of confidence, character and delights in her ever expanding repetoire of leaps, bounds and paddock athletics at high speed! She is most definitely going to be a born competitor and already celebrates the limelight as though she was a champion!

Izzy, her dam is a KWPN mare who only deigns to gift us a foal very occasionally and is a troublesome and frustrating mare to get in foal! However, the two foals she has had to date have been something really quite special indeed!

They have been almost identical palominos from two different stallions and both were staggeringly beautiful with movement you could usually only dream of with a fleetness of foot, incredible balance and feet that barely touch the ground. Her foals are born athletes, extroverts with fantastic characters, super temperaments with a keen intelligence and motivated work ethic. Her first filly, GFS Moonlight Echo was by our own GFS Diamond Echo who we sold as a three year old. As a five year old this year she has already earned 68 Foundation Points British Eventing and blitzed all competition to have qualified for the 2019 Young Horse Championships at Osberton. Her second filly by GFS Lord of the Dance was rapidly snapped up by the same owner confident in the hope hope that she is very much cut from the same cloth! 

Both Izzy and Mojo have exceptional jumping pedigrees and I felt that Mojo would suit Izzy beautifully in producing a very exciting showjumping prospect.

Izzy is of course by the super GP showjumping stallion Karandasj, a stallion renowned for both his jumping ability and rideability. A top WBFSH ranked sire of both eventers and showjumpers.

Izzy's dam was an International GP  dressage mare with a fascinating amalgamation of both dressage and showjumping bloodlines and by the KWPN stallion Hofnar.  This is a very strong motherline and it has shone through in her offspring to date.

This breeding is an experiment but one in which I feel optimistic that something very special may be in the making! 

Her sire the young AES Graded stallion GFS Eskimo Jo whose first real crop of foals this year has been very encouraging. His sire whom we also own is currently competing Novice level BE with both the scope and talent to progress once the season recommences! His dam was a Graded Holsteiner by Corrado I out of a Landgraf mare.

GFS Pirouette

GFS Lord of the Dance x Charisma

Perlino Filly

2nd June 2020

This filly is absolutely breathtaking to look at with her shimmering pale golden coat adorned with tiny streaks of silver, the only indication that she has inherited her dams minimally coloured genetics.

She is one of those young horses that instantly catches the eye and moves with the kind of poise, confidence and natural spring of the born athlete.  She has a hugely appealing character, showing an inherent sense of sociability and bold, friendly confidence.

Her breeding is of solid performance bloodlines capable of attaining high levels in each of the olympic disciplines.  

A perfect amalgamation of inherited movement, scope, great attitude, top temperament and rideability.


Charisma's first foal GFS Mikado had been retained to stand as a potential future stallion here but due to a change of plan, he has been sold and is heading to the US to represent the GFS breeding program for Top Hat Equestrian in Florida. Her 2019 foal and full sister will be going up to Scotland to be produced as a dressage prospect.

Charisma is a Westphalian registered mare by the advanced eventing Trakehner stallion Camaro. Her dam is a Kinsky warmblood mare and product of a dedicated breeding program initiated by Count Kinsky in developing a horse of enormous versatility and outstanding temperaments. 

This breed has excelled over the past century in almost all disciplines with great aplomb but their true purpose and original forte was as steeplechasers extraordinaire. They have as a breed had great success in the 'Devil's Race' the Grand Pardubice in the now Czech Republic.

This foal has been bred will the sole intention of breeding a very exciting eventing prospect. Charisma and 'Django's foals to date are born gallopers, they are fast and love to jump anything in their path, they move with exceptional style and energy and each have demonstrated enormous bravery and calm natures or highly sociable characteristics.  

I will almost certainly be retaining this foal to produce as a future eventer.

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