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gfs fire and ice

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GFS Fire and Ice (2012)

Colourthyme Kajika x Folly's Rock -

Rock King /Bohemond


Graded and Licensed with the Anglo European Studbook (W


'Ice' has been tested and is clear of WFFS-1

This stallion is proven to throw absolutely superb offspring true to type and with exceptional temperaments. He has progeny all over the world and a number about to make their debut in competition.

£650 NFFR  

Dilute Mare Terms Available

Tested Clear for EVA,CEM and EIA 




Unique in colour GFS Fire and Ice is the first and to date, the only Graded double dilute perlino leopard spot warmblood stallion in existence! He is still a young horse with a lot of maturing to do and a lot yet to prove, but he has showed potential in abundance under saddle with a natural flair and aptitude for dressage and a hugely athletic jump.  He is highly trainable and always exceptionally receptive to what his rider asks.

Unfortunately early in 2019 Ice suffered a ruptured tendon sheath after putting his foot down a rabbit hole whilst out hacking which has put his training back but he is sound and hacking out once again with all members of the family, strengthening his legs and commencing fittening work before resuming training this summer.

Bred to event, his bloodlines are proven to produce equine athletes with ability, tenacity and the raw athletic talent to excel in all three of the Olympic disciplines. We very much hope to see him follow in the steps of his Grandsire, the late, great Rock King and excel as an eventer! However, to date two unfortunate accidents have meant that his talent and potential have yet to have had opportunity for public outing!

'Ice' demonstrates huge, elastic movement with natural elevation and extension. He is beautifully balanced, with a bold, scopey jump and text book bascule. Above all else, he has a desire to please and, a huge heart and kind generous spirit! 

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Fire and Ice is a perlino leopard spotted knabstrupper/kinsky warmblood x thoroughbred 2012 colt. He was bred here at Gassons Farm and is by Colourthyme Kajika out of our very special NTR mare Folly's Rock. This unique stallion has been blessed with not only his trademark striking colour and markings, incredible presence but he also has a nature more golden than his coat! This wonderful character has no malice nor negative trait. He thoroughly enjoys the company and attention of people and is a joy to be around in every situation. He is a sensible, intelligent young horse with a genuine desire to work. Trying his best to please in every way, this lovely horse is now proving to be as much a delight under saddle as he is to handle in every other way..


 Folly, Ice's dam is a big moving and very powerful mare, retired from Eventing due to an accident. She had been progressing very well through the rankings until misfortune hit!  She has proven however to be the most amazing broodmare and has previously bred two Premium Graded foals. 

Folly is by the leading sire of event horses Rock King. Himself the sire of the Olympic eventer Rock Model. He also sired four competitors at the 2008 CCI **** at Luhmuhlen. 

Rock King was renowned for his fantastic temperament, excellent paces and superb jumping technique. As a four year old Rock King won the Stoneways Potential Showjumper and was in the final twelve for the Young Event Horse Class. From there his career sky rocketed. Sadly, his career was tragically cut short whilst competing at Tweeseldown Horse Trials in 2000 where he sustained a fatal injury. He was at that time already Advanced, accruing over 200 BE points during his short career which would otherwise undoubtedly have seen him feature in many major horse trials.

He was sired by, Just a Monarch.  A stallion that has produced many superb competition stock over the years.  Many of his proven progeny including the International Event Horses, Kings Jester, Just an Ace and Midnight Monarch, as well as point-to-pointer Mark Methane who has won over 30 races. 

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Rock Kings' dam, Rockys Double and Grand dam, Farley Mount were both prolific producers of CCI **** Eventers, including; Double Trust, Alfresco, Trust in me and Kilcashel. 

Folly's damsire is none other than the legendary Bohemond, HIS Premium stallion and sire of double Olympic event mare Withcote Nellie and dam sire of NZ WEG Team horse Classic Moet, this years Badminton winner.

Her dam's dam was a Connemara jumping pony, Spring Fidgit which is where her glorious golden colour and very pretty almost 'pony' head. 

Both Folly's sire and dam can trace their ancestry back to Pharos, with a great number of highly acclaimed racehorse royalty adorning the family tree in between.


His 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and his 2020  foals have been nothing short of superb, with several now in both a professional dressage, eventing and showjumping homes . His progeny all have conformation that is harmonious to the eye, correct and of superb visual and physical balance. They are powerfully built, being compact with lovely straight legs, good necks with well set heads of great beauty. Their movement is athletic, rhythmic and they each demonstrate balance and agility. Their temperaments have ALL been absolutely incredible! These foals are bold, confident and incredibly relaxed. Real 'people' characters they are absolutely charming. 

Ice is a young horse, he still has a lot of maturing to do. We have taken his training slowly, carefully and very much in line with his physical and mental development. His preparation has been meticulous from birth and now we feel that we have finally reached a point where we can start his work seriously.

He was presented for Grading in 2016 with the Anglo European Studbook as a potential eventing stallion and received both fantastic comments and superb scores, to include consistent 7's but with an 8 for scope over a fence and an outstanding 9 for attitude.

August 2020

Stud Details

This uniquely marked young stallion has proven himself a sire of some really superb offspring, many of which are due to be coming out under saddle in a variety of professional and amateur homes.

GFS Fire and Ice stands at 16.3hh he is an AES Graded perlino leopard spot whose bloodlines blend the Danish Knabstrupper, Czech Kinsky Warmblood and British thoroughbred with a pinch of the Irish Connemara for luck. His dam was by the great Rock King and out of a Bohemond mare.

'Ice' is an absolute gentleman and a joy to deal with in every situation. He has a heart of gold and is not only talented over a fence with enormous scope and a natural bascule, he had been working at Advanced Medium dressage at home before an unfortunate incident with a rabbit hole necessitated time off.

He is above all a member of the family, an absolute star under saddle and is quite literally anybody's ride, with an enormous mental capacity to learn quickly and do as he is asked with maximum effort and minimum fuss.

As a double dilute he always throws dilute offspring and a roughly 50% chance of throwing a spotted pattern too! He has thrown a large number of palominos, buckskins as well as the highly attractive and desirable smoky black dilute. His progeny also number both leopard and blanket spot dilute foals. Above all, his foals are just so relaxed and friendly from day one; destined to become integral members of the family in any future homes.

This stallion has been recognised globally as a progenitor of top quality offspring with exceptional temperaments, high trainability and versatility under saddle who are suitable for amateurs and professionals alike. He has progeny in the US, Australia, NZ and in many countries across Europe all with owners who are delighted and excited by their futures.

His foals to date are easily recognisable. This is a stallion 'stamps' his offspring. Regardless of the mare, he enhances and improves, throwing height, beauty and talent. His foals have powerful, compact conformation with long strong legs, lovely well set necks and simply stunning heads. They are athletic, well balanced and move beautifully. Above all, his golden temperament is clearly evident in every one of his foals. They are bold, friendly characters with calm natures and an innate desire to please.

He is available live cover, frozen and will be available chilled from June onwards. He is tested for EVA, CEM and EIA 2021. This stallion is also WFFS tested as negative, carrying no undesirable genetic traits to be perpetuated through his offspring.

GFS Fire and Ice offspring

GFS Fire and Ice schooling session July 2019 - A full unedited session, warts and all!

This is to show how our horses are worked during flat work sessions, they are also hacked several times a week, put on the horse walker and enjoy daily timeout in our dedicated five acre stallion paddock. Please excuse the blurred video towards the end, it was too good to cut entirely!

A schooling session indoors - working on first steps of piaffe

GFS Fire and Ice schooling session 2018 - 

first couple of weeks back in work following a near death colic and resulting back injury!

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GFS Fire and Ice August 2017 - November 2017

Youtube video thumbnail

GFS Fire and Ice - July 2017 

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GFS Fire and Ice 2016 As a four ear old - At liberty and some x - country schooling