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FOALS 2014

Please click on the foals photo to see their individual photo diary!

GFS PUNK ROCK (21/03/2014)

Colourthyme Kajika/Follys'Rock (Rock King)

Absolutely breathtaking buckskin leopard spotted colt to make approx 16 - 16.2hh


Punk Rock is the full brother to Fire and Ice our perlino leopard spotted future stallion prospect. This colt is beautifully marked with well defined buckskin spots. He posesses a natural 'look at me' presence and apart from having really impressive conformation he moves impressively through every pace demonstrating natural balance, rythmn and power.

He has a fantastic easy going and sociable character. Being a people oriented foal, he also he has an inquisitive and bold nature. One of the first up in the paddock for a fuss and the opportunity to show off his latest 'moves'!

I rate this young colt very jighly and he would not be going anywhere were it not for the fact that we have already retained his full brother.

Please click on his photo to be linked to his photo page. His breeding information and ancestry can also be accessed on his dam and sires pages.


Colourthyme Kajika/Blanca (Mangold-N/Golden Benjamin)

Beautifully marked golden palomino colt to make approx 16 - 16.2hh


This beautifully put together dark golden palomino colt is an excellent prospect for anyone looking for a horse who is bred for potential talent as a fantastic jumping horse. He also displays excellent mechanics to his paces and a sweet, sensible character.

This is a very friendly foal who thrives on attention and human interaction. He will be a good solid build and has a fantastic deep golden coat.


Paddy of Liosin/Wantasia (Indoctro/Corland x Nimmerdor)

Gorgeous buckskin filly to make 16.2hh



Paddy of Liosin/Deihaiwejo Al Pacino W/Aiglon Rouge x Enrico)

Absolutely beautiful bay filly to make 17 hh+


This breathtakingly beautiful bright bay filly is going to be huge. By our young and very promising stallion Paddy of Liosin and out of 'Inca' a wonderful mare by Al Pacino/Aiglon Rouge. She is expected to make over 17hh. She is very nicely put together and despite being all legs at the moment, she demonstartes straight, ground covering paces and tremendous power from behind. Bred for jumping, this gentle and charming filly is going to mature in to a very special girl!

GFS DIZZY RASCAL (20/04/2014)

Destello/Neforia (San Remo/Haarlem x Legaat)


This stunning smokey black colt is incredibly impressive. Combining the strengths and desirable characteristics of his excellent breeding. He is already showing himself to be bold, athletic and gentle in nature, he is very correct and impresses through every aspect of his conformation, temperament and movement. He displays elastic and elevated movement with a natural self carriage and balanced way of going.

His nature is absolutely faultless, he is a kind, sensible and willing pupil, needing only to be asked once. His manners are superb for one so young and stands for the farrier like a pro. Expected to reach a mature height of 16.1hh +

PRETTY IN PINK (20/04/2014)

GFS Diamond Echo/Golden Willow (Vangellis/Farney Clover x Errigal Flight)


A very refined and athletic palomino filly with personality plus to make 16hh



Paddy of Liosin (Crowns Ace of Pearl x Olympic Lux)/N-She's All (Corrado I/Landgraf I x Caletto II)


This enormous buckskin colt with huge ground covering movement and legs that go on forever is bred to jump! Expected to reach over 17hh and with a pedigree jam packed with top copmpetition horses, this colt has high expectations to meet as he matures!

He is a very special boy and we could not have hoped for better from this exciting breeding. He is an exceptionally charming character with a wonderful effortless elegance and power, he is already showing so many highly desirable characteristics required for a top equine athlete.


GFS Diamond Echo (Treliver Decanter/Malibu Galileo)/GFS Athena (Alba/Burbon x Almhirt Tynsky)


This beautiful leggy buckskin filly is expected to make 16.1hh.+ A lovely mover and sweet nature, she already displays signs that she will also inherit her dams extraordinary metallic coat. By Diamond Echo and out of Malibu Breeze she has the perfect genetics for eventing, jumpng or dressage!

GFS COCO LOCO (28/04/2014)

Destello/Generous Love(Beneficial/GothlAnd x Gala Performance)


A very beautiful dark golden buckskin filly with the most exquisite head and an extraordinary sheen to her coat. This elegant and agile filly is expected to make approximately 16hh. she is going to make a fabulous eventing prospect in the right hands with her ideally suited bloodlines. This filly just floats!

GFS TABOO (10/04/2014)

Destello/Tirich Mir (Ohio ~ Burggraaf x Voltaire/Kelly's Hero x Silver Jasper


An absolutely gorgeous looking dark chocolate palomino filly by Destello and out of Tirich Mir. With three perfectly matched long w hite stockings and a naturally bold and curious nature. This filly is very special!

GFS TUTTI FRUTTI (12/05/2014)

Colourthyme Kajika/Who's Joker (Osilvis ~ Silvio II x Nimmerdor/Slyguff Joker/King of Diamonds x Le Cordinnier)


This girl is going to be the spitting image of her Grandsire, the International GP show jumper who stands in the US, Osilvis, a dappled liver chestnut with a silver mane and tail.....absolutely stunning filly with substance and real presence. Born to compete!


A very correct filly with some incredible jumping and dressage ancestry. This filly has a delightful friendly,curious and gentle nature.

She has a beautifully balanced and rythmic way of moving and displays some very acrobatic action when pushed to put on a show.


Destello/Malibu Breeze (Malibu Galileo/Blushing Scribe x Super Concorde


To reach 16.2hh This beautiful, athletic and refined cremello colt is absolutely breathtaking. From his incredible golden tone to the way he glides across the paddock. We could not be prouder of this highly sociable, brave and athletic young horse.

GFS FANTAZIA (22/05/2014)

Czardasz/Filadelfia (Arktos/Floren x Bastion)


This exquisite filly is our little miracle! Determined not to waste time, this little girl arrived a month early! Born at 207 days gestation, she was in need of quite intensive care for the first few days of her life. She is quite the prettiest foal and a delightful character. She is very vocal, exceptionally relaxed and easy going. Another very special arrival and quite as beautiful as her stunning dam!

GFS FLASHDANCE (26/05/2014)

Destello/Costa Brava (Contendro I/Western Star x Lindberg)



All legs and the grace of a deer. This exceptional palomino colt is born to jump! Even at his young age, from the moment he is turned out until virtually the moment he returns back in, he is showing off his fantastic paces and extravagant paces, incredible agility and demonstrating his love for jumping continuously!

This foal is full of promise already. His graded Hanovarian dam Costa Brava is a product of the Hanovarian jumper breeding program and is herself a talented jumper with an excellent attitude to work. Her Holsteiner sire Contendro I is a proven performer and producer of top performance horses. His sire Destello brings all of the refinement,metallic sparkle, stamina and cat like agility of the Akhal Teke as well as the grace, power and magnificent movement of the Trakehner to add exciting versatility to this colts future potential. This one is incredibly special!


GFS Diamond Echo/Zievident (Karandasj/Hofnar x Aram)


This incredibly tall and beautiful filly is by GFS Diamond Echo (Treliver Decanter x Malibu Breeze/Malibu Galileo) and out of Zievident (Karandasj/ Hofnar/Aram). Absolutely bred to perform, this young filly doesn't yet know whether she is supposed to be jumping or dancing, but from the moment she touched the grass she has not stopped doing either! On her dams side alone she can count illustrious ancestry to include Fedor, Darco, Irco Polo, Rex Magna, Nimmerdor and Le Mexico.


Destello/It's Magic (Hogwart/Chemintz ~ Cassini I x Lord Caletto)


This colt is almost too beautiful for words! Photos at just over 24hrs.

He is already demonstrating impressive suppleness through his frame, natural elevation and ground covering movement. He has super conformation, angulation to his limbs and is blessed with a confident, friendly attitude. His coat is all shimmer and glitter which he has clearly inherited from hi Akhal Teke ancestry. We are excited about this little man already! To make well over 16hh

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