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GFS Milady de Winter

1st March 2016

GFS Fire & Ice (Colourthyme Kajika x Rock /king/Bohemond) x

GFS Golden Willow (Vangelis x Farney Clover/Errigal Flight)

To make 16.2hh approx


This utterly captivating buckskin blanket spot filly is beautifully bred, perfectly put together, with the prettiest head and really lovely movement.

She has an enchanting character; bold, friendly, inquisitive and so clever!

She already leads beautifully, stands for her rug changes and headcollar to be fitted. She picks up her feet without question and her first visit from the farrier saw her stand like a little statue.

Without doubt this is one very special girl and a home who appreciates this special filly is essential! Bred with eventing in mind, this stunning girl is sure to prove a success in any field she is aimed at with her obvious athletic credentials and wonderful character.

GFS Spellbound

4th April 2016

GFS Fire and Ice x It's Magic (Hogwart x Chemintz/Lord Caletto)

To make 16.1hh approx

Spotted Palomino

This utterly exquisite filly is beautifully bred for a career in any of the Olympic disciplines. Her pedigree boasts elite performers in each of the three disciplines.

She is expected to attain a mature height of approx 16.1 -16.2hh and already demonstrating both super movement and attitude, she presents as a very exciting propsect for the future.

With an exquisitely beautiful head and profile, she is a tall, straight foal with an exceptional and unusual colouring.

Her character is bold, friendly and loves the attention of people. Naturally outgoing, this lovely filly has exceptionally good conformation and simply floats in motion!

GFS D'Artagnon

4th April 2016

Paddy of Liosin x Filadelfia (Arktos x Floren/Bastion)

To make 16.2hh +

Smoky Black/Dark Buckskin colt


The spitting image as his sire as a foal. This enormous young colt with the never ending legs is charm personified. Currently he is the most amazing multi tonal mole grey is yet to be confirmed whether he is smoky black or a gorgeous dark buckskin!

One thing is for sure. With his illustrious jumping ancestry and the conformation of a true jumper, he will be a sure fire prospect for the future for someone wanting a great jumper. It is also seems certain that he is gong to be a very tall horse!

Already his character is calm, friendly and keen to interact with his surroundings. His movement is expressive and ground covering. This handsome fellow is going to turn heads wherever he goes! He is an absolute darling!

GFS Africa

15th April 2016

GFS Fire And Ice x Floella (Felin/Florestan I x Artwig/Argentan X Monmatre/Argwohn I)

To make 16.2hh +

Dark Golden Buckskin filly


This utterly enchanting filly is another who has been blessed with GFS Fire and Ice's stunning head, strong compact body and endless legs.

Flo Ella, her dam has been bred from strong dressage lines (Felin - Florestan I/Artwig x Montmartre/Remus I) with a healthy dusting of solid jumping ability. Bred with eventing in mind, this filly is incredibly fast, balanced and agile. She positively floats across the ground and can turn on a sixpence!

GFS Mister Bojangles

26th April 2016

GFS Fire And Ice x Wantasia

(Indoctro - Capitol /Caletto II x Corland/Nimmerdor)

To make 16.2hh approx

Smoky Black Gelding

This colt is simply sensational. Huge, powerful and such a strong foal. As with all our beautiful 'Shadow's' foals, this chap just looks spectacular wether stretching out those incredibly long legs with his enormous stride or leaping over the mud at the gate! He stands like a statue and is as calm, bold and friendly as all of this incredible young stallions offspring.

A very special horse in the making!

GFS Jimmini Cricket

27th April 2016

GFS Fire And Ice x Blanca (Mangold/Golden Benjamin)

To make 16.2hh approx

Buckskin Blanket Spot Gelding

This beautifully marked 'golden boy' is very beautiful. Tall, elegant and bold. Another beautifully bred eventer in the making who is beautifully put together, incredibly friendly, quick to learn and very athletic.

GFS Zebedee

28th April 2016

GFS Fire And Ice x Atilia

(Notnowcato/Rock of Gibraltar)

To make 16hh approx

Palomino Leopard Spot Gelding

Now heres something a little different!! A very zippy, athletic and springy colt with an astonishing palomino leopard spotted coat pattern just like his Grand Sire, Colourthyme Kajika! A real beauty and so friendly, he is very quick to learn and so charming. This super colt would have potential in any of the Olympic disciplines.

GFS Bo Diddly

5th May 2016

Paddy of Liosin (Crown's Ace of Pearl/Luz Z) x

Treliver Delphine (Treliver Decanter x Salieri/Donnerhall/PikBube I)

To make 17hh + approx


GFS Aramis

8th May 2016

Paddy of Liosin (Crown's Ace of Pearl/Luz Z) x

Costa Brava (Contendro I/Western Star)

To make 16.2hh+ approx

Golden Buckskin Gelding

This boy is absolutely special on every level. Bred with absolutely outstanding show jumping ancestry on both sides of his pedigree. He is powerful, compact, fast, balanced and hugely athletic.

He is blessed with a wonderful character and friendly nature too!

GFS Pandora

14th May 2016

GFS Fire and Ice x 'Whisper' (Crown's Ace ofPearl/Hubbly Bubbly- TB)

To make 16.2hh+ approx

GFS Ophelia

Paddy of Liosin x Aliz

(Janiscar/Farmer/Voltaire x Radihaza/Enying Merano)

To make 16.2hh + Approx

Golden Buckskin Filly

This filly is really eye catching. She is exquisitely pretty and feminine with a very beautiful head and super conformation.

With some very exciting bloodlines in the field of show jumping, this filly could do well as either an eventer or jumper.

She has a wonderful ground covering step and good balanced movement.

With a lovely temperament, this lovely girl will be a really impressive horse and potentially a real talent in the making.

GFS Amorino

1Oth June 2016

GFS Fire and Ice x Deihaiwejo

(Al Pacino W - Andiamo Z/Julio Mariner/Ramiro Z x Aiglon Rouge/Enrico)

To make 17hh approx

Golden Buckskin Colt

This utterly breathtaking colt really does have it all! Looks, character, charm and just talent in abundance. His movement is just exceptional through all paces and his sheer love of pushing his physical boundaries is contagious. Watching him galloping across the paddock as if on wings is a total joy.

Bred to jump on his dams side and with a good amount of TB blood and really super proven eventing ancestry to be found on his sire's damline. This rather special young man is a very exciting prospect to be produced either as an eventer or show jumper.

I love him!