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Colourthyme Kajika (2006)

​​(Mikker/Limba - Knabstrupper x Kinsky WB)

Kajika has now been sold .

Having been restarted under saddle prior to his departure, we are delighted to announce that he has now been Graded a Licensed and not simply Registered by the Anglo European Studbook.

 We wish Kajika and his new connections all the best of luck and a glittering future.

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This utterly magical stallion has been with us since the start of his third year and has always been an absolute dream to deal with in every way.

 His temperament is exceptional and he is a joy to handle in any situation. Kajika has been with us since his third year and has produced some very special offspring, sold to wonderful homes and emerging under saddle in every discipline.

Colourthyme Kajika is a very special stallion and has been a real member of the family for the last seven and a half years. As time has passed, the direction of our breeding has altered to the point that we are breeding using taller stallions, all of which from 2017 will be home bred so he has left us on loan to be instrumental in the development of a new breeding program. 

He is highly fertile and proven as a sire of really super youngstock suitable for most disciplines and all blessed with the wow factor, willing natures and ideal prospects under saddle.

Kajika's foals are easily recognisable by their strong, compact physiques, strong backs, powerful build and stunning heads. Their temperaments have always been simply amazing; highly people oriented, genuine and incredibly willing under saddle.

Kajika's foals have an extraordinary bond with people from the start, quick to learn, eager to please and very gentle. Highly sociable and with a great natures, these special individuals stand with such pride and presence. Their movement is extravagant, floating and rhythmic and to date, once in their new homes...they are there for life!

These are the ultimate high end amateur horses, family friends or superb all rounders with style, pizazz, huge potential and huge characters!

Kajika is bred from both rare and sought after bloodlines. His sire line are from exceptional Danish Knabstrupper ancestry with TB bloodlines tracing back to the legendary racehorse, Eclipse! and his dam lines are of the the multi talented and highly versatile all round Czech Kinsky Warmblood, carrying the highly prized Trakehner blood tracing directly back through Pythagoras/Dampfross and to the Godolphin Arabian and Bryerly Turk. these are two of the three Arabian Stallions responsible for the thoroughbred horse.

Anybody, who meets Kajika falls in love with his wonderfully kind, friendly and charming character. A complete gentleman with every person, horse or other member of the animal community he comes across. A genuinely laid back and loving horse, he has what has been referred to often as exceptional conformation. He moves beautifully with tremendous power and fluidity. Straight, balanced, uphill and utterly breathtaking in motion. With the the looks of a movie star and the movement of Nureyev, you cannot help but love him!!

Bred carefully and successfully for true versatility and trainability, Kajika's offspring to date have been exceptionally exciting. Fabulous conformation, paces, presence and temperament. Bred from a variety of mares he has been proven to produce foals of real quality every time.

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