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LAST UPDATED 14th August 2022

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We are proud breeders of genuinely versatile horses with talent, temperament, trainability and true beauty.

My aim has always to breed beautiful horses of  quality whose breeding ensure their versatility across the various disciplines. Horses both capable and willing whatever the job and with temperaments that make them as suitable for either the professional or amateur  rider. Our horses our bred to bring the happiness and pride to their owners and  are a pleasure to deal with in all ways..... We have built a reputation on achieving this and in offering honest evaluations of each individual horse and their suitability for each enquiry. Like people, they are all individuals and we make it our business to know each horse and understand their characters which we nurture from day one.

From birth, our horses are cared for and treated as individuals with careful attention to nutrition, handling, health and happiness. We are not a hobby stud, GFS Sporthorses is a professional entity with dedicated facilities, a wealth of knowledge and  much experience. We pride ourselves on the horses we produce and our  excellent reputation in breeding warmblood sporthorses of not only their physical quality, proven competition bloodlines but in the care and age appropriate training and their exceptional temperaments.  Our focus is on producing young horses correctly and in a professional environment that is beneficial to their physical and mental well being. They are each handled correctly, mannerly and relaxed from the youngest to the oldest, the wonderful broodmares and our precious stallions. They are all here to meet.

We are now based in Devon and our new home has outstanding facilities for both rearing youngstock on lush, well fenced pastures with room to gallop and play in herds as nature intended and for all stages and phases of training.

  Our breeding program is one that has been carefully developed in line with exactly what we intend to breed and consistent in the type and character that we strive to produce. Our stallions are on site and always delighted to meet and greet visitors. Very often we also have the grand dams and or sires here too as well as similarly bred youngstock from which to judge in accordance with our breeding goals. Please feel free to visit and judge for yourselves.

Our breeding program is such that very often we have not only dams, sires and siblings here to view but sometimes the Grandparents too! We breed true to type and have a successful track record of producing horses of good character, talent and beauty using carefully researched bloodlines and considered methodology in choosing our mare/stallion pairings.

By using our own Graded stallions who have been bred for purpose and breeding from a carefully chosen selection of very special broodmares, keeping our program consistent in order to offer youngstock of personally known heritage, wonderful nature and of proven quality. 

We hope you can find everything you were hoping to to discover about the Stud and our horses on these pages -  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

We are always happy to answer initial queries by email but ultimately prefer the more personal telephone call.